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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!


  1. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving today!

    Among many, many other things, I’m thankful for the all the wonderful people I’ve gotten to “know” through Novel Journey, and for all the support you guys have given us.

    I’m also thankful that God has been faithfully providing during these tough economic times and that my family is growing closer together with each passing year.

    LOL — I’m thankful the publishing industry hasn’t sunk yet! (Thanks too Karen, for that awesome, encouraging post.)

  2. I'm thankful first of all for our Savior. Without God's grace, well, I'd be lost. Forever.

    And I'm thankful for my family.

    And I'm especially thankful for the crit partners God has brought to me. You are indeed God-sent.

    Then I'm thankful for ACFW. It's the greatest group of writers, always willing to help and giving with an open hand.

    And last but never least - I'm thankful for all you Novel Journey fans. :D You brighten my days!

  3. Yes yes yes. Thank you Karen for that post about the survival of publishing. I've been feeling so discouraged lately and it has lifted my heaart mind and soul back to God's pupose.


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