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Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine’s Day Vote

Ah, love!

Even if you’re single this holiday, I'm pleased to announce that romance is alive and well in books, which leads us to this month's poll:

Did I miss the most romantic? Feel free to add them in the comment section.


  1. ROFL @ Count Olaf and Esme!!!!

  2. Joey Parr and Colleen Summers (The Famous One).

  3. Oh gosh, Jessica, how do I choose between those?


  4. Thanks,Deborah, I was hoping someone would get that.

    Nichole, huh, I'll have to check that book out.

    Noel, I can't believe that thus far Bennett and Darcy are beating out Jane and Rochester . . . it's wrong!! So, I say if you can't decide, at least vote for a Bronte!!!!!

  5. I voted for Jane and Rochester. I mean, what a love story! My all time favorite.

  6. I have to vote for Romeo and Juliet. A love that survives that long in fable?

  7. Funny ... you can tell not many young people frequent NJ by the absence of Edward and Bella votes.


  8. Forgot to say, your "even if you're single" line made me remember this shirt I saw:

    boys in books
    are just better


  9. I (obviously) voted for the Jane and Rochester too. For the last 15 years Jane Eyre has remained undefeated as my favorite novel.

    I think second I'd have voted for Rhett and Scarlet, though they are as messed up as Catherine and Heathcliff.

    Noel, tis true about there not being too many young people about . . . or perhaps we're not giving them enough credit. They might have voted Bronte or Austen. We can always hope. . .


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