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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gina Holmes ~ Interviewed

No stranger to the publishing industry thanks to her two prolific blogs, Novel Journey and Novel Reviews, Gina Holmes now has the opportunity to be in the other side of the interview platform as a published writer. Her debut novel, Crossing Oceans, contracted through Tyndale House, is scheduled for distribution June, 2010.

Crossing Oceans is the story of a young woman’s return home to face the ghosts of her past, and to tell the man she left behind that he’s inheriting a daughter he didn’t know existed.

“‘The call’ for me was a long, drawn out sort of deal, rather than that one surprise phone call I’d always dreamed of,” Gina said. She met with the editors from Tyndale House at the 2007 ACFW conference to discuss Crossing Oceans, which was a work-in-process at the time. During the 2008 conference, Gina met with Karen Watson, Tyndale’s senior editor, and learned she loved Crossing Oceans.

Guarded from previous rejections, Gina suspected a sale could happen, but didn’t get her hopes up. Click here to read more.


  1. June 2010 feels like a long way off. I'll remember this book though, thanks to this post. Crossing Oceans will be on my horizon!

  2. It does seem far off, Debra. You'll hear more about it as it gets closer but we like to post links to those who feature us or NJ as a way to sort of thank them if that makes sense. I'm glad you're planning on crossing that ocean :-)

  3. Great interview! Always enjoy reading how someone got a contract. You've worked long and hard, Gina! I'm so glad to see you're receiving one of the desires of your heart here.

  4. I followed the link. Really neat. Thanks.

  5. Gina, to echo CJ, you've worked hard, played the game well, suffered through the hard times and kept your head even when your heart was damaged. God bless your efforts done to bring Him glory. Well done, good and faithful servant.

  6. Nicole is the winner of Diann's book. Would you contact me at


  7. Congradulations on your soon to be published book Gina!! I'm SO EXCITED for you.

    I can't wait to read it and have you on my blog for an interview, and get you to the store for a book signing and of course book club. Grin ! :D

    All the Best to you.


    Finding Hope Through Fiction and Beyond

  8. Wow! I'm a huge Novel Journey fan, but I've been away from it for a while. (Sigh.)

    Congratulations, Gina.

    You ladies work so hard on this blog and it is a huge blessing to so many writers. It's wonderful to learn about your personal achievements - the book, marriage, etc. Thanks for sharing. I'll look forward to more details about the book.

    And kudos to Tyndale for recognizing your talent.

    BTW, your comment about the challenges of descriptive writing resonated with me. I'd love to see a post on how to strengthen that skill.


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