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Friday, July 03, 2009

Words with William

Two of my nearest and dearest visited Rowan Oak this past week and then shared a
few bits of Faulkner's life and writing world with me.

Faulkner used this typewriter during the years he spent at Rowan Oak. Even taking it outdoors for a change in scenery now and again, an early version of the laptops we see in coffee shops today.

The plot of The Fable was handwritten on Faulkner's walls in graphite and red grease pencil. He used the outlining technique he learned
as a Hollywood screenwriter to lay out The Fable storyboard. The Fable won a Pulitzer Prize in 1955.

A wise teacher never stops learning. And students benefit from studying the path of those who went before them.

A good writer reads.

Thanks for the pictures and details, Jordan and Leeann.


  1. There's something about being there. It's both larger and smaller than you imagine. And I kept expecting to see Dilsey walk out of the door of one of the servants' quarters behind the main house.

  2. I like the typewriter. We forget what writing used to be, although some still prefer longhand. I remember using a small portable one while overseas to type devotionals. There, I broke a Faulkner-type typewriter. Opened two file drawers at the same time. The typewriter fell off, and the cabinet fell on top of it. Not one of my best moments.

  3. Oh I loved this post with the pictures! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Sorry about that typewriter, Bonnie.

    I'll have to tour this some day, though my D-I-L gave me the feeling of being there. She sent me 56 pictures and I had trouble picking the ones I wanted to post. : )

  5. He was a great. I'd love to see that exhibit. Thanks for sharing it, Kelly.

  6. So inspiring...venturing down these pathways. Thanks, peace.



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