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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Publicize Your Book--Getting Started

How to Publicize your Book: Getting Started

From Publicize Your Book by Jacqueline Deval (Perigee, )

Look at what other writers have done successfully.

Before you set up a web site or blog, look at other authors’ sites to see what works. Start doing this a year before your book is out.

Some sites to look at: Brad Meltzer ( To see how a novelist creates ways to attract attention); Jeff Carlson ( To see how a site can provide one stop shopping for readers and the press with press kits, photos, appearance schedules, contests)

Find out what your publisher is planning to do to launch your book.

Talk to your editor about what the house is planning for publicity 6-7 months before your book will be published. Then you can plan whether to hire a freelance publicist or supplement with your own efforts. Many books get a simple press release and review copy mailing. There’s much more to be done but you may have to initiate it. Start by…Reading everything you can about book publicity. What to read? Here are four great resources:

1., a publicity and marketing site run by a former journalist, offers many great ideas for publicity as well as plenty of advice about how to approach reporters—useful in the event you ever set up your own interviews.

2. Buzz Balls & Hype, Lots of smart publicity advice here from novelist MJ Rose.

3. This site covers the business of publishing. Check out the frequent coverage of effective author promotions and videos.

4. Publishers Weekly ( Learn about the publishing industry here. Search the word “promote” and you’ll come up with tons of information about what authors and publishers are doing to market their books.

Build your tribe.

What is a tribe? The people who know and like you or take an interest in your work. Build the mailing list of everyone you know, professionally and personally. You’ll market to this list through emails, postcards, press releases, invitations to readings. Then you’ll build on that list particularly as you being to network through online marketing.


  1. This book was the best I've read to date on Publicity. I HIGHLY recommend it!

  2. Great post. Very helpful stuff here. Thanks!

  3. I write The Book Publicity Blog ( and I list a lot of other publishing and publicity blogs in my blogroll.

  4. I'd have to convince myself I was going to get published first, but this sounds like the perfect book to read if I ever am.


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