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Monday, November 23, 2009

Get Your MS Out of the Slush Pile

Just a reminder about our new awards program, OUT OF THE SLUSH PILE, Novel Journey’s Fifteen Minutes of Fame Contest. If you haven’t already made plans to enter, please check out the details.

Please note, the submission date for the first phase, Historical Fiction, is coming up soon (December 10). Email your submissions, or any questions you may have about the contest, to NovelJourneyContest

We look forward to seeing your entry!


  1. A category question: when a historical novel is framed by contemporary events so that the opening chapter is set in modern times, is "historical fiction" still the correct category?

  2. My first chapter is more than 3500 words. Do I submit a partial chapter - or is my manuscript just not eligible?


  3. Jonnie - The Contest Administrator says Yes. If the bulk of the story is historical even though it's introduced in the current time frame, we'll consider it Historical Fiction.

    Augustina: How much longer than 3500 words is your first chapter? If it's 4000 or so, go ahead and submit the whole thing. In the alternative, is there a good place to break it? If in doubt, go ahead and sub the whole thing. We might not read the entire chapter (and if it wins, we won't publish it all in this column), but if it's really good, we'll be glad to have the opportunity to read to the end.

    Thanks for bringing up these issues. Some other people might have been wondering the same things.

    If anyone else has any questions, please email us at, and you'll get a personal reply.

  4. This contest is such a great opportunity. Thanks for putting it together and also for answering our questions.

  5. Looking forward to seeing your stuff!


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