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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Music and Writing

Art inspires art. It amazes me how many master paintings have come from a scene from Alfred Lord Tennyson's poems. Or how many musicians will say they were inspired by a certain book or movie.

It seems that that creative community turns to itself when in need of fresh inspiration. When I want to craft a scene, I often find myself flipping through old copies of Victoria Magazine to find the "feel" I want to create. Others I know keep pictures of characters, rooms and even snap shots of movie scenes.

Once question I often hear among writers is, "Do you write to music?"

It seems many of us have discovered that music is a way to tap into the emotion one wants on page and keep it there during the grueling, writing, editing, polishing phase.

For this poll, I'm asking specifically about music?


  1. waterhouse's lady of shalott hangs above my desk.

    for the YA historical fantasy i'm drafting, itunes is constantly set to filmscores. pan's labyrinth, girl with a pearl earring, the young victoria, bright star, the painted veil, on and on and on.

  2. If I feel the need to listen to music as I write, it must be instrumental music, no lyrics. Lyrics distract me and I can't focus on my writing. Any kind of instrumental will do, from classical to new age to jazz, as long as no one is singing.

  3. I write to music, and I usually think about writing to music as well (as in, when I'm driving in the car).

  4. I've had the wonderful honour of having a song written and recorded by a friend, Debbie Zepick as she was inspired by my novel, One Smooth Stone. You can purchase the CD or listen to the song, In The Palm of His Hand here -
    (The CD is called Not Like in the Movies)
    :)Marcia Laycock

  5. I have enjoyed writing while listening to music many times. George Winston, Mozart, and Jim Brickman are my faves with regards to writing.

    I agree that instrumentals are better to listen to when you are writing.

    Lynne Hasuly

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