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Saturday, April 03, 2010


I think Jess may have overslept, so I figured I'd fill the void with a few thoughts. A friend wrote me on Facebook to tell me she was surprised to find my debut, Crossing Oceans, on the shelves of Books a Million.

I was surprised too. The release date is May 1st and though I was told it might be out a little sooner, I didn't expect it this soon.

It feels a little like being pregnant and having the baby come three weeks early. The crib's not even set up. Oh why didn't I buy diapers. I have so much left to do. . .

If there are any other Crossing Oceans spottings, please share them with me. It's exciting and scary and remember, I'm a first-time mom. You know how we are.


  1. My baby has been delayed so I'm quite jealous! :) All the best as you jump in to this journey, Gina.

  2. I spotted the book, right in front of my face for three hours, as I finished it off yesterday. But that's not entirely true, I didn't see the book. I saw the world of the book -- or even more accurately -- I was in the world of the book, and I didn't want to leave.

  3. Sheesh, Gina. What a way to scare me. I saw the the "why didn't I buy diapers" and freaked out! LOL


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