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Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Best of the Best?

Who in your opinion are the very best writers of Christian fiction today?

I know this is a loaded question, but I think we're all intelligent people who understand the subjectiveness of this exercise.

A few come to my mind: Charles Martin (although he's gone ABA), Lisa Samson, Tosca Lee, Athol Dickson, Claudia Mair Burney, Francine Rivers (of course!) . . .

Those are a few of the people who I love to read and I would consider them the cream of the crop. Bearing in mind that I don't read everything or everyone so I'm surely missing some amazing writers.


Deborah said...

Angela Hunt, Susan Meissner, Lisa Samson - interesting is that i usually recommend these three authors to non Christian fiction readers and they almost always come back saying they enjoyed their books

Gina Holmes said...

Oh yes, Susan! She should've been on my list. I haven't read Angela to comment either way. I would also add to my list: Frank Peretti. I just love his stuff. Though I don't read much suspense anymore.

There are a lot more writers I enjoy but I'm saying my very favorites for their craft and stories.

Brenda Anderson said...

Excellent list so far. All my favorites. I'd like to add W. Dale Cramer, Mary Demuth, Christa Parrish, Ann Tatlock, Linda Nichols, Chris Fabry, Jennifer Erin Valent, & Creston Mapes. Most aren't widely known, but they have a uniquely beautiful way of telling a story. An author to watch is Laura Frantz.

Rachel said...

I love Ted Dekker's earlier stuff, but his recent work is too much horror for me. Peretti's first works are classics, they're the best. Charles Martin was stunning, haven't read all his work yet. For romances I like Cathy Marie Hakes, fun to read. Karen Kingsbury is good in individual books, but not the series, they are too commercial for my taste.As you can see, quite an eclectic taste :)

Gina Holmes said...

I love Creston too. He is a very unique story teller. Haven't read all the others but if I ever get more spare time... So many books (and authors) so little time.

I like Ted's stuff too but Peretti, well... I just love his stuff. Actually his newer stuff more than his old. Loved Monster!

Mary DeMuth said...

Nicole Baart, Christa Parrish, Tosca Lee, Lisa Samson, Bret Lott. And if Mark Buchanan wrote fiction, I'd add him to the list.

Mary DeMuth said...

BTW, thanks kindly, Brenda, for the mention!

Mary DeMuth said...

Oh, and I echo Susan Meissner. Amazing.

Tanya Dennis said...

Names not yet mentioned ... Rachel Hauck and Kimberly Stuart. They're definitely at the top of Christian chick-lit.

Lynn McCallum said...

Liz Curtis Higgs definitely belongs on this list. her historical fiction is phenomenal!

Susan Meissner said...

What a lovely way to start my afternoon - reading these comments. I am grateful for the confidence-boost. Whenever I start a new book, which has just happened, I feel like I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. Affirmation fuels me.

And my faves have already been mentioned here so I will just say that I think in a few years' time we will see Carla Stewart's name on a list like this. I read her Chasing Lilacs for endorsement (comes out in June). Holy cow. It is stunning. . .

Brenda Anderson said...

If you like intense suspense, there's no one better than Steven James.

Heidi Bylsma said...

I love Randy Alcorn's fiction. :-) He uses fiction to grow me in my faith! Love it!

Gina Holmes said...

How did I forget Randy Alcorn? Safely Home is one of my favorites!

Sheila Deeth said...

Mary DeMuth... writes beautifully and creates amazing characters. Brandilyn Collins writes really cool mysteries.

C.J. Darlington said...

James Scott Bell, Sibella Giorello, Jenny B. Jones, Renee Riva, Randy Singer ... just to name a few!

And I love Frank Peretti too.

Nicole said...

Man, I think you guys grabbed most of mine. So I'll add Robert Liparulo for thrillers: no one does pacing like Robert. Oh and love Don Brown's legal/military novels. Love Peretti, Gina. And Kristen Heitzmann for romance. And I'm sure I'm forgetting someone I shouldn't.

Gina Holmes said...

Liparulo's Comes a Horseman but AMAZING. Loved that book. Slightly literary, very suspensful. I'm still recommending it on a regular basis. And Sibella is an incredible talent. Haven't yet read most of the others but Don is good too. Loved his debut, Treason.

Teri Dawn Smith said...

Number one on my list: Susan May Warren. Her series on the Noble family was great, but her recent release of Sons of Thunder was the best book I've read in a long time.

I do like James Scott Bell too. His dialogue is so good.

I've also enjoyed Kristen Heitzmann and Francine Rivers.

johnny dangerous said...

Michael O'Brian and Ron Hansen are superb stylists.

carla stewart said...

Oh, Gina! Such a great question and although there are a few mentioned here that I haven't read, I am so thankful for the artists who've made Christian fiction what it is today - Lisa Samson, Susan Meissner, Mary DeMuth, Dale Cramer, Charles Martin, Tosca Lee . . . to name only a few.

And Sooz, you are too kind. Actually, I had a moment of heart failure at your lovely comment. I think I need to lie down.

PS: Gina, your book came in the mail today - cannot wait to dive in!

Pepper Basham said...

Oh wow, what great lists so far.
I'm a romantic comedy fan. My top picks are Mary Connealy, Cathy Marie Hake, and Deanne Gist.
I also love reading Julie Lessman and Siri Mitchell.
Margaret Brownley's debut book, A Lady Like Sarah, has made her a new favorite on my keeper shelf.

Gina Holmes said...

I've heard excellent things about Siri and Mary Conealy though I haven't been lucky enough to read them yet. I'm opening Cynthia Ruchti's They Almost Always Come Home on Deb Raney's glowing review and Carla, I have to read yours as well. And I will.

Such a great list we're putting together here. So glad so many were willing to share.

Donna Collins Tinsley said...

Mary E. DeMuth is my new favorite! You should really try her books. Her words burn like fire.

Michelle Sutton said...

This list was quite interesting to read. I noticed most of the comments listed favorites who write edgier stuff. That said, I truly hope there is a trend in Christian fiction where the more daring novelists make it to the top of everyone's lists. I love the majority of the authors mentioned already. The cool thing is that the debut novelists are getting better and better, too. Take Jim Rubart for example. :) Oh, and I have Carla's book. Makes me want to move it up the stack now. :)

Julia said...

Mary DeMuth
Lisa Samson
Siri Mitchell is a new favorite
Francine Rivers
Linda Nichols

Rel said...

Late to the list, I know and most of my favs have been mentioned but here's some debut authors well worth reading:~

Jim Rubart (suspense)as Michelle has mentioned.
Ronie Kendig (romantic suspense)
Sarah Sundin (historical)

And some others, already published but not yet mentioned:~

John Aubrey Anderson (military suspense)
Tim Downs (thriller/suspense)
Robin Caroll (romantic suspense)
Tamara Leigh (chick lit)
Denise Hunter (romance)

I could go on and on!!

Lynn Squire said...

Francine Rivers
Angela Hunt
MaryLu Tyndall
Siri Mitchell
Randy Alcorn
Linda Strawn
Brandilyn Collins
Fay Lamb

Mary Hawkins said...

Phew! I have so many favourites depending on the sub-genre. some names here already I have yet the privilege of reading. Has to have at least some romance and a 'happy ever after' ending.
Francine Rivers
Robyn Lee Hatcher
Linda Windsor
Colleen Coble
Brandilyn Collins
Dee Henderson - especially her O'Malley series.
Jill Nelson
Sharlene MacLaren
Kim Vogel Sawyer
And a few hundred more makes a thick, rish cream on the top!

Gina Holmes said...

Thanks all. There are definitely some amazing writers we left off but I do see a few of the same names over and over.

Lynnette Bonner said...

Love most of these authors. Two of my favorites that I didn't see mentioned yet are Bodie Thoene and Jeanette Windle. Bodie write's amazing historical fiction, and Jeanette writes international suspense stories.