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Friday, April 30, 2010

Keys from a Novel Journey

I'm pretty sure if you've dropped by Novel Journey in the past few months you know about Gina's Crossing Oceans.

She's shared all sorts of trials, struggles and an occasional triumph from her long, circuitous journey.

So. Now that she is able to hold this hard won baby book in her hands...and maybe able to breathe a little better now that the reviews are proving that she CAN indeed write with the best of them, I want to share some things I've learned from Gina's journey. (Oh, here are some reviews of Crossing Oceans in case you haven't read any.)

1. Perseverance is pretty much the key.

Gina honed her talent and shaped words over and over and over again. She worked. She struggled. She just did it. Rejections, change of genres, rewrites, wicked-mean critiques, comments and odd looks at writer's conferences, oh well, she just powered through and kept on writing. Thank you for the example, Gina.

2. Generosity is the key ring.

Gina has shared all that she is with a whole lot of folks who have benefited. Without Gina's curiosity and time we'd all be a little more ignorant. I have learned so much from Novel Journey guests and the folks who put their time into posting every day. Gina didn't need to share her spotlight but she has. When I think of all the time Gina has invested in me, encouraging me in my own convoluted journey...really, there just aren't the words to thank you, Gina.

3. The quirky little key chain oddity is a sense of humor.

When I get to enjoy face-to-faces with Gina I start laughing the minute I see her grin because I know something's on it's way. Dry, quick, razor-sharp and a little dark, oh there are few people as enjoyable as Gina. Gina laughs with and at herself and those lucky enough to be her friends. Thanks for the laughs, Gina.

Congratulations on a job well done and words well written, Gina. May this be only the beginning of a long string of awesome novel blessings.



  1. Kelly, what a surprise to come here and find this. Thank you so much! :) I'm so blessed to call you friend. Thanks for doing this. Let me go and look up circuitous now. Ha.

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