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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Crossing Oceans' Launch Week and a Mother's Day Contest

After six years hosting other authors on Novel Journey, celebrating their successes and promoting my friends and peers' novels, my turn is finally here. This week is the launch kick-off of my debut, Crossing Oceans.

To celebrate, (and beg your help,) we're hosting a special Mother's Day contest that helps you, help me get the word out that Crossing Oceans is available now in bookstores, online and even some Walmart and Sam's Clubs. I'll be posting interviews from other sites, reviews, etc.

At the end of the week, we'll announce one grand prize winner who will win a 48" strand of hand-knotted pearls for Mom along with two autographed copies of Crossing Oceans. One for you, one for Mom. I'll also inscribe a special message for your mom with your direction.

Of course the prize isn't why you're helping, but it is a small way for me to say thank you. You can enter as many times as you want.
Oh and while you're here, click on the magazine cover with my mug on it to read an
exclusive interview with me by Kim Ford and an insightful Mother's Day, single-mother piece written by my good friend Dee Stewart.


Merely Here said...

Even though I promised my husband that if he bought me a Kindle for Christmas, I would no longer buy books in their true form. You see, after they become mine I am ridiculously reluctant to give them up, even ones I hated. So I own enough books to stock my own library. Hence, the Kindle. It was one of those objects of truce in my marriage... SO, for your contest, the first thing I'm gonna do is break my no-more-books promise and go out and buy it since it's not available on Kindle. Then I'll blog about it at ,then I'll link it all with the social notworking miracle of Facebook..... I can't wait to read it. I've been catching up on the Novel Journey Blog and finding all kinds of Christian fiction authors I'd like to get to know. So, I'd love to do what I can. I have to warn you though that only like 3 people I know of read my blog. LOL

Gina Holmes said...

Oh, I hate for you to break a promise. Maybe you could just post the trailer or mention the release. I'm sure it will be available on kindle in the near future. It is a good book and I'd love for you to read it, but not at the expense of your marriage.

This post made me smile. Especially the part about 3 readers. That's exactly how many this blog had in its first months. :)

Michelle V said...

I'm really hoping to get to read "Crossing Oceans"! I've been posting the video on my Facebook.

Michelle V

Gina Holmes said...

Thanks Michelle!

Michelle V said...

Gina - I posted the video on my blog today.

Michelle V

Julie The Surrendered Scribe said...

Congrats Gina! You must be so excited. Your trailer and information will post on my blog at Tuesday, May 4. I look forward to reading this and am on the look out for it!

Marti Pieper said...

I appreciate all you do to help other writers. Although we've never met, I love sharing your joy and learning from your fantastic ideas.

I posted the news of your book release on my FB wall and added a link for the book trailer. Blessings!

Gina Holmes said...

Thanks :)

Pepper Basham said...

This book sounds absolutely wonderful. Your video interview is a great promo for it too. AHHH, I'm ready to read it...and weep, I'm sure.

Many blessings on your writing and ministry.
You look great on the cover of Christiain Fiction Online.
Pepper Basham

Rita Gerlach said...

Gina has written a letter to readers that is amazing. Please stop by, read her heartfelt missive, and post a comment to Gina.

Rita Gerlach

Wendy Hamilton said...


Our bookclub "Parkway Womens Book Club" (facebook group) has chosen your book and will attend your book signing/book discussion on June 21st at Lifeway in Georgia. We can't wait to meet you and read your wonderful new book. We will make an event on facebook for it.

Gina Holmes said...

Oh, that's Wonderful, Wendy! Thank you so much. Can't wait to meet y'all!

Michelle said...

I bought a signed copy at Books a Million for my mother-in-law!

Pat Jeanne Davis said...

Gina, blessings on the release of Crossing Oceans. Thank you for all you have done for aspiring novelists. Hope to meet you at the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference.

Merely Here said...

I bought it! I'm almost done, and when I told my husband about your blog and that your debut, he was more than supportive! I think he knows that hopefully someday I'll be in your shoes! I'm loving the book, by the way. I am going to blog about it tonight after I finish reading it, but I have such a supernatural connection to it that when I got to a certain part, I almost put it down, it was that crazy. I know God had a plan for me to stumble across your work right now...

Gina Holmes said...

Thanks so much ladies. Pat-yay, so excited to meet you! Michelle...thank you. Merely Here...if that is your real name...;-) Your review was lovely and made my day. Thanks everyone.