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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Which is Better, the Author or the Book?

Two weeks ago my husband and I were having dinner with another couple when the four of us decided we should read each other's top ten books. Before we knew it, we were making lists of books, trying to decide what book truly deserved a spot on our individual lists and what book didn't.

We made an interesting discovery. Most of our favorite books weren't written by our favorite authors. That fact shocked us. Apparently there are some authors (like Corrie Ten Boom) who I'll purchase every book of theirs that I can find, and yet not one of there books is on my top ten list—and then there are authors who wrote amazing books (like Peace Like a River or The Lovely Bones) but I've never followed up on the author's next work.

Was this just a strange phenomenon for us, or is this true for you?


  1. such a good question to ponder. I don't know really.. I definitely would read every single thing written by some authors (and I do), and then some books I read but and really like, but don't necessarily like other books by the same author.. cheers :)

  2. I agree! My Top Ten has single books, while my favorite authors are completely different. Some of them made their way onto the list, but not most.


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