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Saturday, September 11, 2010

I've read somewhere that writer's block is more of an American phenomenon than anything else, because we do not adhere to a schedule of writing and worry too much about competing with our past work.

Many books I've read, such as Carolyn See's Making a Literary Life, encourage writing one thousand words a day . . . no matter what. Other writers I talk to tell me breaks are normal and to flow with them.

For this week's poll, I'm asking


  1. I wish I could write everyday. Working two jobs and volunteering at a third sort of puts a kibosh on that one.

  2. I am drawn to writing so much that I write daily. However, my daily writing is not always toward a novel or large piece of work, although sometimes it is. Mostly, it is pieces of encouragement, views on important topics, or articles for my website.
    However, when I write something long and intricate, I set aside time to write uninterrupted for hours a day, day after day, until I have a completed story. The rewriting may take many times longer than the initial writing and I find that I can do it in snatches.

  3. I WANT to be one of those people who write every day, but I can't bring myself to do it if I don't have a story plotted out and ready to go---I don't want to waste time writing mindless drivel.

    Problem is, I finished my first manuscript and thus far have not been able to move fwd with the next one. I need to plot it out and know where I"m going with it, THEN start writing. But to plot it out means time and concentration to do so, neither of which I have at present.

    I believe in the inspiration/persiration quote we've all ready many times, but it doesn't seem to work for me when I try to force things.



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