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Friday, December 24, 2010

Last Minute Gifts Ideas From Starving Writers or For Your Favorite Writer

Last minute gift ideas for Writers:

You have a writer in your life? And you don’t know what to get him or her? This may help.

1.) Writing enhancement vice of your writer’s choice. From toad-licking to tea time there are lots of vices to choose from.

2.) Witty T-shirt implying that one of the "greats" is wearing it (or did). Or a T-shirt with misspellings, bad grammar or awkward wording and a red Sharpie.

3.) Time-waster of choice. Basketball hoop for the desk, a new computer game, ridiculous novels.

4.) A fuzzy bathrobe for the writer who is attempting to make a career of his/her words. Or better yet, fuzzy character slippers that can spark a smile when said writer is head-in-hands angsting.

5.) Gift certificate for an evaluation at a local psychologist’s office for the writer thinking about quitting the old day job.

Inexpensive gift ideas FROM starving wordists.

If your writing career is guaranteeing that you will not be buying gifts for anyone this year. But fear of ghosts from past, present and future are keeping you searching for that perfect are some almost free ideas.

1.) All those "darlings" you've murdered... but have cut and pasted into a document file for future use...print a few, glue them onto an object and give them to a lucky loved one.

2.) Glue and coffee ground or tea bag sculptures.

3.) Take a nice self-portrait, print it, autograph it and give it with a coupon for one free copy of your first (hopefully, some day, PLEASE) novel. (Don't forget to brush your hair.)

4.) Write a poem or short story using your loved one as a character. (Maybe, in the spirit of Christmas, you should avoid writing them as murder victims.

5.) Offer free critiques of future Christmas newsletters or a free negative letter to the politician or manufacturer of their choice.

Hope these ideas help, as in a laugh or smile, not taking them seriously. But, seriously, have a terrific Christmas and fabulous New Year.


  1. Kelly, I thought your ideas were great REAL suggestions ... except for #2, which would get really messy ... very creative.

  2. Mike. If you embark on #2, I'd love to see your creation. Take pictures. And no I won't be sending you my address. A picture is fine! Merry Christmas, guys.


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