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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Advertising on Novel Journey is Effective and Affordable

For as little as $50.00, you can advertise your book right here on our popular website without even designing an ad. We just need your book cover and where you want us to link it to--Amazon, CBD, Books A Million, Barnes and Noble, your website, wherever.

Why here?

Did you know that Novel Journey reaches tens of thousands a month interested in books? Through RSS subscriptions , blog "followers" sites, daily readers who actually click on the site to read, and syndications of other writer/reader sites who reblog our posts, we reach a large niche audience of those who are interested in writing, fiction, reading and everything publishing related.

Created in 2005, we have been awarded the Writers Digests Best Web-Sites for Writers twice, among other blogger awards and are among the best known and respected in the industry.

Why not make 2011 the year you break away from the masses?

Whether you're an author trying to reach a broader audience of readers, a website trying to launch, or offering a writing/publishing/marketing related service, let us be part of your success story.

Click the above picture for prices. 


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