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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Please Welcome Literary Agent, Chip MacGregor, to the Novel Journey Team

Chip MacGregor is President of MacGregor Literary Inc., a literary agency that works in both the CBA and general markets. He enjoys knitting, alligator disembowelment, and long walks along sandy shores. His real name is Jerry, but he was given the nickname Chip in the summer of '72 because (A) he always had one on his shoulder & (B) his front teeth weren't always what they are today.

He will be posting the last Tuesday of each month.Please take a minute to welcome him aboard.

Note: The bio Mr. MacGregor supplied was a bit threadbare, therefore a few liberties were taken to beef it up.


  1. I look forward to your posts, Mr. MacGregor. And perhaps a more in depth explanation on the alligator thing.

  2. "Note: The bio Mr. MacGregor supplied was a bit threadbare, therefore a few liberties were taken to beef it up."

    *wonders if the "few liberties" were about the knitting and and alligator disemboweling or the nickname explanation*

    Fantastic way to get us hooked on a new member to the Novel Journey team. I'm waiting for Tuesday!

  3. I've been missing his postings, this is fantastic!

  4. Brilliant move, NJ! Thanks for coming back to blogging, Chip!

  5. Had a feeling this fellow had a bit more to say :)

    Looking forward to hearing it.

  6. Half a Chip (or at least a once-a-month Chip) is better than none. He'll make a wise, welcome and sometimes snarky addition to the NJ team.

  7. I look forward to what you have to share with us. I have missed your blogs.

  8. Can't wait! I miss your blog too.

  9. Wonderful news, Chip. I miss your blog and look forwarding to hearing what you have to say here.

  10. Fantastic news. I've missed the sardonic wisdom of Chip MacGregor's blog posts. Look forward to more.

  11. I still have the now defunct blog site bookmarked, so I'm look forward to new posts here.


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