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Friday, January 21, 2011

Saturday Poll

In 2008 Novel Journey took a poll to see what percentage of our readership owned an eReader.

5% --owned a Sony Reader
0% --owned a Kindle
(The Nook hadn't arrived on the scene yet.)
10 % --said they'd never own a reader
62.5% --they'd own one if they were cheaper
22.5% --said 'never say never' about owning one

It's 2011 and I'm curious to see how things have changed.


  1. I was one of the population that swore I'd never get an e-reader, that I wanted paperbooks. But my sisters gave me a wonderful surprise by giving me a Kindle for Christmas and it has served two great purposes:

    It will give me greater purchasing power: I can't buy that many books per year because of other expenses competing for my money (you know, rent, electricity, etc). But SOME books are a lot cheaper to buy on Kindle so I can read books I never would have had the chance to read because finally more puts are put in a price range I can afford (not to mention all the classic books you can download for free).

    I also love it because I love to read non-fic, which often only comes out in hardcover and is ultra-expensive. I can download these to Kindle too for a fraction of the cost.

    THe other thing I love about it is that I can save my physical bookshelf space for reference books I use for research, and not have it cluttered up with novels I will read one time and never read again (even though I give some to churches etc, you still can't get rid of them all).

    One thing I miss on Kindle is the absence of book covers since that's a big part of the reading experience for me. And I miss page numbers, even though it tells you percentage-wise how far you are in the book.

  2. Sorry, I meant "finally more BOOKS are put in a price range..."

  3. I have an Ipad. Why aren't they on the list?

  4. I use kindle on my Itouch, a free app. Is that a yes?. I don't technically own a Kindle.

  5. I'd technically be in the "'never say never' about owning one" crowd, but that option is absent from this year's poll. I had to choose "I will never own an eReader." It makes me sound like a ludite! LOL

  6. I read Kindle books on my iPod Touch. Don't read enough on it to warrant buying an actual Kindle. I already carry two devices everywhere since I don't have a smartphone. Three would be too much.


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