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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Your Most Anticipated Books of 2011?

2010 was a great year for novels, debut and, um, not debut, alike. We've just talked about some of our favorites. Now let's discuss what's coming out in 2011.

The one I'm most looking forward to  is Mike Duran's The Resurrection. Mike's a great thinker and a great non-fiction writer, one of my favorites in fact.  I've had a sneak peek into this upcoming novel over the years as a past critique partner so I know it's got meat. I can't wait to read it in book form.

Here are a few others I'm looking forward to. What about you?


  1. Undoubtedly it is the Wise Man's Fear, if the release isn't pushed back yet again.

  2. I just read the most amazing novel by ALison Strobel called The Heart of Memory. It releases next year and it is one of the best I've ever read. Alison is a powerful writer.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I have too many to-read books, but that's okay. I love reading, and keep adding to the list.

  5. (YA)

    The Piper's Son, by Melina Marchetta
    Ashtown, by N.D. Wilson
    Fly Trap, by Francis Hardinge
    Uncommon Criminals, by Ally Carter


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