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Friday, April 22, 2011

Book Lover Giveaway...

With much of the world going paperless, it seems even the most avid readers might be neglecting their local bookstores. With spring in full swing, Local Pages would like to offer Novel Journey readers $25 toward any bookstore found on Local Pages. The leader in local coupons, discounts, and advertising, Local Pages has a ton of shopping deals available at your fingertips.

Simply go here and type in Book Store in the search field and your city. I had 11 to choose from. Then, in your comment, add the link and mention the book store where you'd use your gift certificate.

April 30th at 11:59 p.m. ends your chance to win. On May 2nd I will come back to this post and announce (in the comment field) the randomly chosen winner. This winner will need to contact me via the instructions I will leave.

Easy $25.00 to feed a book addiction....think about those must read lists. Before it's going. Going. Gone.


  1. Well, I'm one of those people who make jokes about the better-ness of hardbacks. (Lose one hardbackk, no biggie. Lose your ebook, and you've lost your entire library! OK, lame, everyone's heard that by now. . .) But anyways.
    Whichever Barnes & Nobles that is closest to my next shopping trip. ;)

  2. Katherine. I hadn't heard that one. : )

  3. I'd go to the Buford LifeWay store, but it's not fair for me to enter the drawing. LOL So don't count me, Kelly.

    Barnes & Noble is my closest bookstore. Thanks for this opportunity!

  5. Well, I'm glad I made you smile! You can always use that excuse if someone is badgering you to get an ebook. @Kelly

  6. I was surprised to find 11 bookstores in my little town when I only knew of three!

    Montana Book Company, not the closest, but my favorite.


    The Mystery Ink shop would be my pick, especially since the mystery bookshops around here keep closing.


    I live in the small town of Wenatchee, WA. I only had three bookstores to choose from none of which you've probably heard of. I'd love $25 to spend on books at Academic Toolbox.


    There are five major book stores within easy driving distance of my medium size town. However, I would gladly drive to Fort Worth to spend the $25 at Connections Book Store, a place that has, for years, supported the community of writers.


    They have closed so many of the local Borders in my area. This is the only one remaining in the city, though there are some in suburban areas -- too far for me to drive. I'm just happy this one remains!


    The bookstore is The Book Cellar, It is very small, but still hanging in there.


    The book store is Evangel Family Bookstore.

  13. I would definitely choose Horton's bookstore close to my house!

    Thanks :)

  14. I LOVE a nice used bookstore!! This is one of my favorites:

    larkspurpurple (at)

  15. Announcement of winner coming. Keep checking.

  16. Myrna, You're the lucky winner. Please send your snail mail addy and email address directly to me. kelly (dot) klepfer (at) gmail (dot) com.

    I will forward it to the Local Pages rep and you will have your certificate/code soon.


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