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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Share Your Gratitude With a Charming Little Comment

In Carolyn See's wonderful book, Making a Literary Life, she suggests write charming notes on a regular basis. There have been so many people in my literary life I am grateful to. My agent, Chip MacGregor for taking me on before I'd sold a thing, and keeping me on for years, encouraging me that I was a good writer and would eventually sell something. My publisher, Karen Watson for championing Crossing Oceans, my editor Kathy Olson for making me look good, my critique partners Ane Mulligan, Jessica Dotta and the rest of the Penwrights for growing me up... man, I could go on and on and on.

Here's a chance to write your charming little note acknowledging the wind beneath your wings. Who are you grateful to in your literary life?


  1. The list gets long fast, so I'll narrow it to two -- the other ladies in my Kindred Heart Writers group and Billie Wilson who directs the Florida Christian Writers Conference. Attending the FCWC has been life-changing and provides a marvelous opportunity to learn about the publishing industry and network with editors, agents, and other writers.


  2. Robert Liparulo: Generous beyond measure. Friend and encourager. Thank you, Robert.

  3. For me, my cirt partners will always be first: Gina Holmes, Jessica Dotta, Michelle Griep and Lisa Ludwig. I have a great brainstorm partner in Sandra Moore (S. Dionne Moore). They've all pushed me to be my very best.

    ACFW and the mentors I gained there, Deb Raney, Diann Hunt, Rachel Hauck, and so many more have made this journey the best. :)

    Thanks, y'all!

  4. First and foremost to my God, for the gift of His Son and for the gifts He's given me.

    Then to my wife, Deb, God's second greatest gift to me and my greatest champion.

    To Kim Peterson, my first writing instructor who ignited the fire (and still teaches me); to Deborah Raney, whose kinds words on an early draft were a balm I'll never forget; and to Jerry Jenkins for seeing something in me I wasn't sure was there and giving me, daily, encouragement and instruction.

  5. Well, it's hard to follow God, so now that Mike aded God to his list I must agree. And it's true. I have friends who prefer to live a life without Christ, but I couldn't do any of it without Him.


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