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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Don't Forget...

This year's Out of the Slush Pile/Fifteen Minutes of Fame contest is underway.

The judges are currently reviewing -- and enjoying -- the first round entries (Historical). The submission deadline for for the second category, Suspense/Crime/Mystery/Cozy Mystery, is June 10. We're looking for a winner, and you still have tim
e to send yours in.

So get a clue: search out the entry form, and send it, along with your first chapter and synopsis, to We're dying to read your stories!

Yvonne Anderson lives in rural Ohio, where she writes speculative fiction and blogs at Her debut novel,
The Story in the Stars, the first in the space fantasy series, Gateway to Gannah, is now for sale on Kindle. Print editions will be available later this month.


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