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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yeah, You're at the Right Addy

Yes, we look a little different today and we are a little different, a little more, a little better.

The launch didn't go exactly as expected. We knew there'd be a problem or two and of course, there was.

The main problem is that you were supposed to be redirected to, but we had some server type technical issues that will take more than a few hours to rectify.

While we get that worked out, please click on the new pages at the top and see what we're offering, and click on our sponsors, (those pretty little books to your right), those are the folks that keep us being able to upgrade and improve.

And if you're looking for writer-related services, visit the Rocket Pages tab, which is by far our favorite new offering. Think of it as a Craig's List for writers. Find your new editor, book cover designer, etc.

Thanks for your ongoing support. We're also now on Twitter and Facebook, so come and "Like" or "Follow" us to show your support.

Hope you like the new changes... more to come!


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