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Thursday, September 22, 2011

What It Means to Me to Write Christian Fiction

What It Means to me to Write Christian Fiction
What do you think of when you hear Christian fiction? It seems to mean something different to everyone. There are those who think of only prairie romance, or fluff novels full of little substance, or novels written by authors who couldn’t make it in the “real world” of fiction, (I had a friend who was trying to get her secular novel published, that said if she couldn’t get a contract, she’d throw a few Jesus references and a scripture or two in and take it to the CBA, (Christian Bookseller’s Association)—um, good luck with that plan.)
Many people seem to think the term simply means fiction minus the curse words and flesh, aka “safe” fiction.

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  1. Well said. Our youth group watched a movie recently and showed two teenagers in bed. It was a bit of a shock, but what impacted the kids more were the results of that bad decision. They saw that God will always be there, if we let Him, to pick us up after we fall, no matter how far.

  2. Interesting article, Gina. To me, Christian Fiction is a work - it doesn't matter what it's about or who published it or whether or not I'd let my 12 year old sister read it or even if it's explicitly religious or not - that was written from a Christian viewpoint, and not necessarily a viewpoint I'd agree with. There are a LOT of Christian viewpoints out there. If you think about it, that makes "Christian fiction" a very wide field.


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