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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm Supposed to Stay Away from the Prostitutes?

The other day I read a post on an e-mail loop that flipped the switch on my mental stove to high.

Yes, my proverbial blood boiled. After a few minutes I calmed down and what remained was sadness.

The bare bones of the e-mail was this: They discovered a “well known Christian editor” had a person following them on Twitter who was a prostitute.

Oh, the horror!The poster admonished the loop that, “You never can be too careful about who you’re following or who might be following you.”

Really? Really!?

You know where I’m going with this, but I have to say it anyway:

If Jesus had a Twitter account guess what? He’d have prostitutes following him and he'd follow them. They’d be friends on Facebook. I bet he’d have a few porn directors as friends (think tax collectors from his day) as well as some drug dealers.

He would love on these people. Laugh with them. Cry with them. Tell them the depth of his Abba's love for them.

Does it shock you (even a little) to consider how scandalous Jesus would be thought of if he walked around New York today hanging with the prostitutes? Would the churches you know embrace his actions with open arms?

Have we forgotten the church of his day was outraged at the people Jesus hung out with?

I have a friend who is close friends with an exotic dancer. This exotic dancer knows my friend follows Jesus and one day they were talking about the church helping people. The exotic dancer said, “The last place in the world I would ever, ever go for help is a church.” Sobering isn’t it? I hope so.

Here’s the point of my tirade: If you’re a published author, you are being watched. If you are an aspiring writer with a Facebook presence, or Twitter account, you’re being noticed. In those moments you have a chance to show people what Jesus is like.

We can show that Jesus loved (and loves) people like crazy. (Remember, the only ones who really ticked him off were the religious people of the day who wanted no part of those they deemed to be beneath them.)

Whatever your current position in the publishing world you have to chance to throw off religion, and love people—through your books, your tweets, your Facebook updates, blog posts and every other interaction of your life.

I’ve heard this loving people thing can change the world.

I think I might try it. How ‘bout you?

James L. Rubart

James L. Rubart is the best-selling, and award winning author of ROOMS, BOOK OF DAYS, and THE CHAIR. During the day he runs Barefoot Marketing, helping authors make more coin of the realm. In his free time he dirt bikes, hikes, water skis, and take photos. No, he doesn’t sleep much. He lives with his amazing wife and teenage sons in the Pacific Northwest and still thinks he’s young enough to water ski like a madman. More at


  1. I say another amen to a post of yours. And again, one more: Amen!

  2. I know what you say is true. There are words we are not "permitted" to say according to the "Christian" community. Like "prostitution." Jesus despised the religious leaders of His time, they were blind guides- we definitely have that today. There's a few guys who write their blog posts about how wrong everyone else is but them, about doctrines. I should quit following them but it's fascinating. And dull. I'm waiting for the lightening bolt, I guess.

    As for me, I am a sinner who found salvation through faith in Jesus. Prostitutes or anyone else is welcome to follow my blog! I won't be perfect until Jesus comes back, but I'd be happy to share the journey. If any of the Christians choose to evaluate how "spiritual" I am they should talk to Jesus. He said, "Do not judge, or you too will be judged." Matthew 7:1

    There are hypocrites today. But there are also many who welcome anyone and share God's love.

    Great post!

  3. Oh here's my blog Hope Faith & Life anyone is welcome as well as thoughts, questions and testimonies.

  4. Has it really come to this? People complaining about someone who's FOLLOWING a Christian through social media? Isn't that the point? Oh Lord, wake up the people who claim Your name!

  5. Oh wow, Amen! Those people need to read Nancy Rue's Reluctant Prophet series!

  6. Keep speaking the truth, Jim. One by one, word by word, we can reawaken what it really means to live for Jesus, love others, and die to ourselves daily.

  7. Good for you, Jim. Don't let religion get in the way. It didn't for Jesus, don't let it get to you. Keep modeling His light.

  8. Rock on, Jim! This week our church is hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for some shelters and halfway houses. The very people you're talking about. I'll be serving them, wearing good clothes to honor them. What better way to show God's love than to treat them like honored guests? I'm so thankful my church puts feet to their faith instead of insulating themselves inside its walls.

  9. So sad that someone was malicious enough to try to trash someone else's reputation--with something to silly, too. Sounds like a bit like a Pharisee.

  10. I totally agree, Jim. After all, are they not trying to reach the lost? I for one hope that the love of Christ is 'catching' and this would include infecting prostitutes, drug dealers and any who are tired of the gaping God-shaped hole in their life (and their lifestyle) with a yearning to know more from the Christians they know.
    The song 'Shine' from the Newsboys is now stuck in my head ... Shine on everyone!

  11. Very insightful! Wonderful analogy. Thanks for sharing, Jim.

  12. Hear, hear! And Amen! And all those good things.

  13. I’ve caught flack from Christian friends who noted that I have blog followers like Muslims, Buddhists, all different faiths. Not to mention “ho’s.”
    How I appreciate this message! Sometimes I hang with a neighbor who is a prostitute. The head of our neighborhood association made a point to come to my house and caution me to steer clear; she’d seen her ad on Craig’s list.

  14. You hit the nail on the head, Jim! So, so true! I love that you pointed out that the only people who ticked Jesus off in the Bible were the religious ones. We misrepresent Christ when we act as though his grace isn't enough.

  15. I needed to hear that today. I am an aspiring author, and I keep putting down my pen thinking that no one will ever read a Christian author who tells the stories I want to tell... yeah. The stories that involve sin to the n-th degree with characters that are anything but church-ready. It's interesting to try to write a realistic lost person without using throwing around some eff-bombs. I refuse to write a novel that waters down real life, but I also don't want to be offensive; I myself am offended by books that use too many four letter words. But the content, the reality- isn't the way to reach people the same way Jesus did- to come at them on their level?? You don't know how much this post encouraged me and I'm going to go check out your business now because obviously I need help.

  16. CLH, have you checked out American Christian Fiction Writers? You can find it at and it's a great organization that can help you in the journey.

  17. Awesome post, Jim! Oh this gets me so fired up. I find myself hesitating to friend someone because I don't want my Christian friends thinking bad of me. Argh! How can we reach out in love to a lost world if those "saved" want to tie our hands?

  18. I dunno. All this loving business could get ugly. I mean, look what happened to Jesus.

  19. Jim, you're right. Too many of God's people will clasify groups and determine who deserves to be loved. However, Jesus gives us three demographics of people we are commanded to love: "Love your neighbor," "Love one another," and "Love your enemies." That's it - no other demographics are necessary - we must love everyone.

    The problem is that many have redifined love in the pattern of the pharisees rather than the Savior. But Jesus said, "As I have loved you..." that's the quality that God is looking for. Anything less than this is less than God's purpose for believers.

  20. Now, to all who have read and responded to this article - I challenge you to love beyond your comfort zone.

    Who here is willing to go down the street to that level 3 offender and tell him/her about the love of Christ? Don't say you agree until you live it out.

  21. Well now, I wish you would just say what's on your mind, Jim. Seriously, shame on us for even having to stop and think about this. Myself included. If I were to be followed by someone who needed Jesus and found His light on my FB page, I think it would be my great chance to really do something important in life. Thanks for a great reminder.

  22. Said well. Lived well. "Love well." Like you summed up, the well is deep and ALL thirst real love. Thanks Jim! :)


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