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Friday, December 16, 2011

Ooh! Ooh! Pick Me!

"We shouldn't be surprised when someone chooses to publish their photos, their words, their art or their opinions. We should be surprised when they don't."
~ Seth Godin

And more than ever, people are publishing via the medium of blogging. Blogs are trendy. They're a platform. A sweet way to be part of the cool kids club. I've recently joined the blogosphere myself, but with so many out there, what's a girl to do to get noticed?

Content is King
Who really cares that you cleaned out your refrigerator last night? Possibly your mother, but even that's a stretch. Offer something of value. Give your readers a nugget that's so lip-smacking tasty, they're forced to return for another bite. Possible nuggets: how-to advice; writing opportunities; market trends; give-aways.

It's a Blog, Not a Novel
KISS! Seriously. People don't have time to read thousands of words at a sitting. Make your point and shut up. If it's intriguing enough, further elaboration and conversation will ensue in the reader comments section.

Eye Candy
You've got about 3 seconds to capture the eyeballs. Make your blog easy to read. Don't clog it up with too many gadgets. Use a typeface that's clear and large enough to decipher.

The Golden Rule
Visit other's blogs and they'll visit yours. Bonus...their readers will migrate to your site as well if you leave pithy comments.

URL Sharing
Don't worry. You won't catch some deadly virus nor is any detox involved. This simply means getting your blog address out there. Put it in your e-mail signature line. Update your social networks with a short check-me-out kind of message, including your URL. Put your blog on your business cards.

These are just a few simple tips. If you're greedy for more, the next level of maximizing your visibility is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Google it. You'll find a ton of info.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get noticed!

You can connect with Michelle daily at her own blog: Writer Off the Leash. Or if a longer read is more your style, check out her latest release, UNDERCURRENT, a timeless tale of honor and sacrifice.


  1. Excellent advice! Very funny too - no I'm not afraid to catch a virus if I leave my url behind...Actually my FB account was once hacked by a...Chinese hacker! Why would anyone in China ever get interested in little ole me??

  2. Michelle, I'm so glad you're my client! I love your sense of humor and the way you get to the heart of things. The content on your blog is always timely, fun, and "full of content."


  3. I love your new blog, Michelle. Writer off the Leash rocks!!

    And I love your new haircut, girl!

  4. Wow're international! A palm-stinging high-five to you for that accomplishment!

    Barbara...I'm so glad you're my agent! Unless I've got 2 tickets to England wrapped up under the tree, you're my best Christmas present this year.'re cute as ever, girlfriend. The whole hairdo thing was simply an attempt to be like you.


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