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Saturday, December 31, 2011

This is the Ghost of Your New Year Resolution's Past

This year has been a good one for me. I celebrated my third Christmas with my husband and on the home front am the happiest I've ever been. I have (now) 5 wonderful children/step-children, 2 dogs, a fish, and just recently added 2 birds. I saw my first novel, Crossing Oceans, go on to hit multiple bestseller's lists as well as win a Carol Award, and a RWA's Inspirational Reader's Choice, and final in ECPA's Gold Medallion Award and Christian Retail's Retailer's Choice Award.

I also released my sophomore novel, Dry as Rain, somehow surviving the toughest editorial challenges (I hope) of my career. Sophomore novel behind me, I went on to write book 3. It was the easiest one so far to write and I'm hoping it might be my best so far.

I turn it in tonight before the clock hits midnight.

I, along with the team, completely revamped Novel Journey, turning us into Novel Rocket and launched a new faith-based website

I also became a full time writer, giving up my night job as a hospital floor nurse. This luxury might not last forever, but it's a blessing today!

It was a very full year. In fact, I didn't realize just how full until I sat down to write this post. Wow. No wonder I'm so tired!

Not all my goals or resolutions were met though. I thought I'd go back through years past and see what some of my old ones were... and yours.

Every year I resolve to lose those last ten pounds, which are now twenty, and get in shape. Guess I'll be adding that to the pile of goals again this year.

I thought it might be fun to go back old New Year's posts and dig up some of your old resolutions, and since we apparently haven't done this in years, I had to go waaay back, years back,  to remind you of how far you've come or goals you may have forgotten.  Here's a few:

2008 Kimberley Payne said...

"Get to know Him that's a resolution that I plan to keep!"

2008 Our own Marcia Laycock resolved to: throw off the guilt, replacing it with a healthier mentality and to write that novel and that article.

2009 Jessica Dotta resolved to change her definition of success. To become a better writer, one less focused on book sales and more about writing to the best of her abilities.

2007 Janet Rubin admitted that having a book published was a dream of hers and that reading more books was a resolution.

2008 Kaye Dacus: In 2006, my goal was to sign on with one of the top agents--and at the end of the year (well, first week of Jan. '07, actually), I signed with Chip MacGregor.

In 2007, my goal was to have a publishing contract by the end of the year. I received my contract from Barbour for my first novel on December 7, 2007.

So, In 2008, I've set career/networking goals such as creating and implementing a marketing plan for my book release, judging in the ACFW Genesis contest, applying to teach at the ACFW conference as well as the grad school program of which I'm an alumna. But I've also set writing goals such as completing the revisions on my sold ms early, finishing the sequel and submitting it by a certain (early) date, as well as getting my historical trilogy sold by the end of the year. 

2008 Ane Mulligan: 
My goal is to finish the draft of this manuscript by the end of Jan and have it to my agent a month later. 

2008 Jennifer Griffith:

Health Goal--to regain the fitness that I lost due to a knee injury/surgery and take it to a higher level

Writing Goal--to focus on revisions of my completed manuscript and complete the "story" part of another manuscript

Spiritually--to allow God to fill in my gaps and to trust Him more.

2008 kc said... I still have a few outstanding projects: updating my business cards, setting up a website, and finding an agent. 
I hate goals and I hate resolutions. But I have made an agreement with myself to complete a rough draft of my first novel by the time I turn 40, which is in September. So I have roughly 8 months. I have made a daily word count goal, which I'm already behind on! However, I'm determined. God help me, it shall be done.

2008 Kelly Klepfer said, "I'm going to finish a proposal I keep kicking around and sub it before February 15th." 
2008 Wayne Scott's goal was a simple, "to start writing again"

So, folks, don't be bashful, tell us how you're doing and share your goals and resolutions so we can haunt you with them in years to come. 


  1. Okay for me, this year. I hate throwing this out there, but I'd like to run a 5k as a way to force myself to get in shape training for it. Okay, I'll go pick one out in my area and put it on the calendar.

    I'd like to apply to teach at more writers conferences.(Okay, let's say at least 5 I don't normally teach at to make it measurable.) I love teaching and am starting to get more than a little lonely writing at home full-time.

    Attend one workshop, class or online program by someone I think can write better than myself.

    Read more excellent books and less of what I consider fluff. Fluff is good too, mind you, but I'm writing deep stuff and always want to take it a little deeper.

    Okay, your turn!

  2. I believe I made that goal in 2008. I think. It's 3 years in the past. LOL But, I've learned to make writing goals and they work. Whodda thunk? Now I have a daily word goal and 90% of the time I surpass it. The other 9% I make it. It's a rare 1% that I don't make it, but the surpass days make up for it. :) I've found goal setting is a good thing!

    So this year's resolution is twofold: first, my word for 2012 is intimate. I guess God is telling me something. So that goal is to become more intimate with Him. Secondly, is complete my newest WIP. It's in the beginning stages.

  3. It was 2008 Ane. I put the year next to it. I had to go waaay back to find these. I like how in 2008 your goal was to get the ms published and this year, it's just to write it. Looking at us getting all mature. :)

  4. Two goals...

    Finish my current wip by the end of the summer and land a contract with a major publisher.

  5. You all make me feel like such a slouch. I've never made a New Year's resolution in my life.

    My longest-running-and-yet-unreached general goal is to spend more time each day in prayer. Of course like Gina said, saying "more" makes it hard to measure. But trust me, I'm not there yet.

    Writing goals? I'm just starting a new WIP, which I plan to finish in the first half of the year. Beyond that, I intend to be ready to follow the Lord in whatever direction He leads. Right now, He's holding me in the "trust Me" mode, which has me chewing the inside of my cheek to shreds.

    However, some very cool and unexpected things entered my life in 2011, and He had me in Wait mode this time last year too. And it was worth the wait! So I'm excited to see what He plans to spring on me in 2012.

  6. Make it, finally, through my own self-editing of my novel so I can feel comfortable pitching it (OK, so not comfortable, but ... ). It's impossible to know whether it's worthy until I start subbing it, so have to get this done. Open to suggestions on ways to quantify this. To be continued...

  7. I like Yvonne's goal of finishing her current WIP before the second half of the year, so I'll set the same goal! Can we meet back here in six months and check on our progress :)

  8. Absolutely Kathy. That's the plan... so you have accountability partners, tens of thousands now that you've put it out there :-)

  9. Mike, so you're giving yourself one whole year to self-edit before you submit? Why not do one chapter a week and sub as you go? Who are you going to sub to, Pennies?

  10. Yvonne, I know all about wait mode. Excited for what 2012 brings you too. You'll have to share with us this summer.

    Michelle, you have one goal within your control and one outside. We'll be following up on the one you have control over and praying for the other.

  11. Hmmmm. Should I be concerned that I don't remember that goal? Ha. Ha. Clearly, I didn't do it.

    This year I resolve to live life as fully and richly as I can. I'm not going to let the tiny details steal the joy I might otherwise find. I want to delete stagnancy and complacency. But I want to embrace contentment, too.

  12. Kelly, a worthy, completely unmeasurable goal. Any we can hold you to this summer?

  13. First goal for '12?

    Keep my goal list under 100. (Yes, I've tended to put down too many in the past and feel bad when I don't get to even a third of them.)

    Here are a few for 2012:

    - Get organized

    - Clean out my in-box daily

    - Finish my marketing book for novelists

    - Be in better shape for my annual backpacking trip with my son, Taylor.

    You're not going to bring these up for another three years, right, Gina?


  14. Yes, Jim. I am. But first, this summer. Cool on the marketing book. I'll be first in line to buy it.

  15. Last year, I aimed on losing fifteen pounds but being stuck on the couch unable to walk for four months kind of shot that one down!

    So this year, I have three main goals:

    - Build on the relationships in my life. With my Lord, with my family and friends, with my editor and readers.

    - power walk at least 35 minutes a day.

    - allow myself to relax at times. I'm always buzzing around, trying to get so much done. It's good to just rest at times.

  16. Great goals Patty. We'll see how you do!

  17. How fun to see an old goal!

    Hmmmm, this is a year of many goals. The one I'll state here is my to become more streamline with my time and have less material objects on hand--so I can best utilize my time. If I manage that goal, I'll reach my others.

  18. To write daily, finish my WIP and begin the submission process are my main writing goals.


  19. Good goals Voni, we'll be checking back with you to see how you've done :-) Jess, less material objects on hand ... pawn shop baby! ha.

  20. 1.Finish my WIP and send proposal out by end of April
    2.Flesh out characters for a new novel and begin first draft by end of year.
    3.Consistently post to my blog twice a week.
    4.Read 4 books on writing/publishing.
    That should be enough to keep me busy!

  21. Oh my! I feel out of place with all of these great goals. I suppose my writing goals would be to finish book number 3 and edit book number 2. I want to continue to learn, learn, learn the craft of writing!

  22. Deborah, Those are pretty good goals, Deborah. What are you planning on doing specifically to grow as a writer? Conference, how to books, etc. Just checking so we can measure...
    Mary--great, specific goals. That's how you do it. Measurable!


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