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Monday, February 06, 2012

Did You See This?

Are you an aspiring novelist?

If you're feeling all dressed up with nowhere to go, take heart: we’ve created Novel Rocket’s LAUNCH PAD Contest: Boosting You Out of the Slush Pile just for you.

Though we’re not your fairy godmother, we do want to help you get to the ball. Not only does every entrant receive a personal critique, but previous participants have found the experience helpful in moving them forward on their writing journey.

For instance, one of our first category winners has recently signed with Simon & Schuster, and our first Grand Prize winner signed with the first literary agent we approached on her behalf.

For more details and the official rules, click on our Launch Pad Contest tab.

Questions? Email us at, and a real human will provide a prompt, personal reply.

We hope to see YOUR submission soon!

Besides writing fiction that takes you out of this world, Yvonne Anderson has been our contest administrator since the event’s inception in 2010. The first novel in her Gateway to Gannah series, The Story in the Stars, debuted last summer, and the next in the series is planned for release this year. Read more of her wisdom on


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