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Friday, March 09, 2012

Sharing a Promotion Secret That is Incredibly Simple and Useful

I don't normally gush about this sort of thing but I received an email from a friend containing a sales pitch and I was curious enough about it that I clicked on it, learned I might actually get something useful out of it for 7 bucks, and although I was sure it was going to be some lame-o scam, I figured for seven dollars, I could afford to be wrong.

Turns out it was money very well spent. The concepts are simple, but I sure as heck didn't think of them. I figured I'd share with you all since many of you are or will be promoting books.

Again, VERY useful information if you plan to do anything with youtube now or in the future (and if you plan to have a book trailer one day or already do, that'd be you. (Please note that they will offer you more programs which I can't vouch for, and you're free to decline those, but the $7.00 report was excellent. (And don't worry, you're not really "hacking" anything.

Click HERE.


  1. I'm going to try it on your recommendation, though I'm very nervous about giving them my credit card info :-/

    Is it just a seminar or a downloadable report?

  2. It was a downloadable report. Sorry it took so long to answer, I missed the question. I found it very helpful and the price was right. Be careful though, there were a lot of other offers that you need to decline.


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