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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Poll: What's Your E-Book Price?

As we wait to see how the law handles the charges that Apple and five publishers met to fix e-book prices, I've found myself surprised at the price point I've seen thrown around in the news. I mean, there's only so much I'll pay for "air" before I'd rather upgrade to a physical copy of the book. It's left me wondering what's the highest price people are willing to pay for an e-book. They say in real estate the house is worth whatever someone will pay--and the same is true for us. So here's the Question:

Feel free to post this poll at your blog, too! I'd love to get an idea of what price range gets the biggest percentage of buyers. Here's the HTML for the poll:


  1. I've paid 14.99 but not often and only for a book that I'm dying to read NOW.

  2. Thanks, Gina! The highest I've paid was for Mocking Jay--only I can't remember exactly what I paid for it--in addition, the primary reason I purchased it was because I had gotten such a good deal on The Hunger Games and Catching Fire first.

    1. At the moment those books are around $7 for the e versions.

  3. That's close to my average too, Ruth--but I have paid more than that on occasion.

  4. It's not air you're buying. It's story. Stephen Roxburgh said at a conference a few years ago, that we're drinking coffee out of paper cups these days. Five dollar cups of coffee, in fact. We pay that much for the coffee, not the cup. And then he said an e-reader was just a vessel that held the story. It's the story we're buying, not the container.


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