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Sunday, May 13, 2012

In Other Words...

The 2012 edition of Novel Rocket's Launch Pad Contest: Boosting You Out of the Slush Pile has launched; it's set sail; it's under way; it's begun; we've commenced the proceedings.

The submission deadline for the first category, Historical Fiction, has all ready passed, and the judges are working on the entries right now. The winner will be announced on June 11.

However, there's till time to participate in the other categories. Consult the chart below for the schedule of submission deadlines for each genre:

Each category winner will be asked to provide the complete manuscript as he or she moves on to the final round Then, when all six categories are finished, a new panel of judges will determine our Grand Prize Winner.

And don't miss this important point: each entry will be critiqued, and the judges' personal comments and suggestions will be returned to the entrant. Many past participants, even those who didn't win, have found the feedback received very helpful in furthering their writing careers.

So if you're an unpublished novelist, it's time to get busy. Complete details are available on the Launch Pad Contest tab.

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