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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What is the price of your e-book?

As we wait to see how the law handles the charges that Apple and five publishers met to fix e-book prices, I've found myself surprised at the price point I've seen thrown around in the news. I mean, there's only so much I'll pay for "air" before I'd rather upgrade to a physical copy of the book. It's left me wondering what's the highest price people are willing to pay for an e-book. They say in real estate the house is worth whatever someone will pay--and the same is true for us. So here's the Question:

Feel free to post this poll at your blog, too! I'd love to get an idea of what price range gets the biggest percentage of buyers. Here's the HTML for the poll:


  1. I don't think of e-books as air.

    I think that they are stories packaged in a different way from print and paper books. If I can get a hardback for the same price at the e-book, I'll usually buy the hardback. But if the paperback is the same price, I'll buy the e-book instead. I like my e-book library and I don't have enough shelf space for more books right now.

  2. I was happy to see this post : ) The arts have taken a huge beating by the internet and technology. Photos are everywhere (easy to steal), and e-books come at a low price including children's books. Personally, I have book cases full of hard bound and paperback books so I'm grateful for the e-books I can store easily. I'd be willing to pay a little more. As a future author, I'm glad there may be some more money in it for us. I was just thinking of writing a letter to our Governor. It's heartbreaking to see kids using cell phones to tape concerts and put them on the web. Poor musicians.

  3. I tend to go for free books whenever possible, and don't like going above $9.99 but there was a book I needed quickly, so I paid the higher price. Once a book gets near to paperback price, I choose to buy the paperback. What saddens me is when the difference between an ebook and a paperback is just a few pennies. I only hope authors get a decent commission on ebooks.


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