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Friday, November 30, 2012

Jason Wright's 13 Tools for Authors ~ Video


  1. Ha--loved this. I'll confess to being a water-deprived author. I subsist almost entirely on coffee when I write!

    Also, I think you're waaay more techie than I am (still getting the hang of my low-tech regular cell phone). But I can see how the Gummy Bear nightlight would help with the inspiration!

    I have a pic of a woman on the beach for my inspirational pic--a reminder of the days when I just wanted to be a recluse writer in a shack on the beach, surrounded by large dogs. That will never happen since I got married and had kids, but a beach vacation? Still shooting for that someday.

  2. Hey...GREAT vlog! You're a natural, Jason. High-five to you, buddy.

  3. Love this, Jason! What a fun way to "read" your article. :)

    My favorite help is my Flip Dictionary. And my muse was captured in a jar by my CP Jessica Dotta. It's on my website and it's adorable.


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