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Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Brand New Way to Sell E-Books

Introducing Sara Mills, a long-time writing friend of mine  and one of the people behind Bookstore Without Borders.

Sara, tell us about your latest project Bookstore Without Borders.

Bookstore Without Borders is whole new kind of bookstore for Independently Published eBooks. Indie authors have a lot of choices when it comes to their books.  Covers, content, marketing strategies, but up until now they haven't had a lot of choice when it comes to selling their eBooks.  Major retailers take large commissions, or bookseller fees, for each book sale.  Across the industry between 30-75% of the price of the item goes to the bookseller.  Until now.

Bookstore Without Borders is a new kind of eBookstore for Indie authors that doesn't take commissions. Every penny an author earns goes directly into their own PayPal account (PayPal fees do apply).

Why do you think the publishing industry needs a Zero-Commission bookstore?

We think authors should take home more of the money they earn.  The industry has changed a lot in the past 10 years and authors are still losing a huge percentage of their book sales to bookstores for delivering a completely digital product.  Bookstore Without Borders wants authors to take home more of the money they earn so that they can do what they love.  Write.

For a small one-time sign-up fee, our service gives each author the ability to edit and update their own biography page at any time as well as being able to add to and edit their eBook inventory.

Is Bookstore Without Borders open to all eBooks?
We're open to Independently published eBooks, including re-released traditionally published books.  We are a family-oriented store, so we are not open to erotica or eBooks that fall into the 18+ category.

How can our readers get their independently published eBooks into the Bookstore Without Borders store?

When you buy an Author Marketing Platform from BWB you get an author homepage and space to sell up to 12 eBooks.  If you don’t have 12 eBooks, that’s okay, those spaces never expire.  If you have more than 12 eBooks, additional space can be purchased.  It's as simple as that.

How does BWB help authors other than commission-free eBook sales?

I work with a team of professionals that have designed, built and marketed thousands of websites.  Some of our services include:
  • Editorial Services
  • Cover Design
  • Internet Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Website Hosting
  • Homepages for Illustrators
  • Homepages for Freelance Editors

How does someone get started selling their books on BWB?

It's simple.  Visit and click sign up.  Once you've filled out the short form you will get an email with login instructions.  Once you are in the member are, you can pick and choose from all of our services.  If you have questions, our friendly knowledgeable staff are there to help.


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