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Sunday, October 06, 2013

Giving Thanks

It's that time again. The leaves are falling, the harvest is being taken in. Next weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving. We celebrate it a bit earlier here in Canada because our harvest is earlier. We follow the tradition begun by Martin Frobisher who, on landing in Newfoundland in 1578 (53 years before the Pilgrims landed in Plymouth Massachusetts), thanked God for a safe journey across the Atlantic ocean from England.       

As I look forward to friends and family gathering for the feast, I have been thinking of all the things for which I am thankful. I thought I’d put down a few of them, as a writer. Maybe it will spur you to do the same. Perhaps you can add to the list.

I am thankful ...
For a secure, warm place in which to write.
For the strength and good health that allows me to write.
For the freedom to write what I will, without fear.
For the tools I use everyday – the books, the computers and other electronic devices that make it possible to reach thousands.
For blogs and forums online which encourage me and let me know I’m not alone as I deal with the challenges of being a writer.
For the opportunity to join together with other writers, to teach and to learn at conferences.
For the opportunities to speak locally and far afield, to see the responses of those who hear and to know God has been at work.
For the support of family and friends who sometimes go out of their way to help promote my work.
For publishers and editors who push me to reach for excellence in my writing.
For the many books that have had an impact on my life and on my work.
For fellow writers and readers who take the time to help spread the word about my books.
For the many readers who have taken the time to contact me to let me know how much they enjoyed and appreciated something I wrote. (Recently three, all on one day!)
For all that God has done through my writing in the past and what he intends in the future.
And most especially, for that day, thirty years ago, when Jesus revealed Himself to me and showed me that he had a purpose for my life and for my writing.

How about you? Are there things you would add to this list?

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1 comment:

  1. I'm thankful for the opportunity blogging gives an unpublished writer to get the message out about God's gift of forgiveness.
    I'm grateful that technology makes it possible to spread this message into all parts of the world.


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