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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Getting Published IS Worth the Wait

Edie Melson is the author of numerous books, as well as a freelance writer and editor. Her blog, The Write Conversation, reaches thousands each month. She’s the co-director of the Blue Ridge Mountains ChristianWriters Conference and the Social Media Mentor at My Book Therapy. She’s also the Military Family Blogger at Guideposts. Com, Social Media Director for SouthernWriters Magazine and the Senior Editor for Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

In honor of the recent celebration of nation's independence, I thought I'd share how God used a really tough time to fulfill my publishing dream!

* * *

I stared at the letter in my hand, almost unable to comprehend what I read. It was two days before Christmas, 1999. I’d been so sure God had called me to write, specifically to write Bible studies. This particular manuscript had been at the publishers over a year and, until now, I’d only received encouragement about the progress toward my first book contract.

Dear Mrs. Melson, We’re sorry but this manuscript doesn’t fit
 our needs at this time. While it’s a good manuscript, you just 
don’t have the platform needed.

First came the tears, then anger and frustration. Why had God planted this seed of hope within me only to deny me the opportunity?

Fast forward to Christmas 2007, the first year our family celebrated Christmas apart. Our oldest was serving as an infantry marine in Iraq. To say it was a tough year is almost a laughable understatement, but we made it through. God brought our son home safe.

Now visit Veteran's Day, 2011, the launch of my book, Fighting Fear:Winning the War atHome When Your Soldier Leaves for Battle. It’s a book that was birthed during the struggles of living with a son at war. God orchestrated an unusual venue for the book launch. It was at a professional hockey game, GreenvilleRoad Warriors. This team has an annual Tribute to the Military and had invited me to be a part of it this year.


For a writer, this was truly a dream come true. During the first intermission, I sat in the darkened convention center with the other fans, while the trailer to my book played on the huge video screens hanging above the ice. And as I was interviewed rink side, I heard the roar of the cheering of the crowd as she announced my son was in the audience.

Without that seed of hope, planted so many years earlier, I’d never have been ready to write this book. Was it worth the wait? You bet it was.

1 comment:

  1. Please tell your son how grateful we are for his service, and please know how exceedingly special you are for writing this book which I'm positive is a type of bible for those faced with this trial. Thank you, Edie.


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