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Friday, August 08, 2014

A Writer’s Quiz – One Question

Sometimes we complicate things.
So I’ll keep this post short and simple.

What is the single most essential thing
you can do as a writer?

A.)         Secure the right agent
B.)         Sign with the best publisher
C.)         Grow in technique and craft
D.)        Hit a daily word count
E.)         Excel at social media
F.)         Make the bestseller list
G.)         Write with God

Don’t circle your answer.
Just ask yourself how much time you spend
longing for or doing each of the above.

There’s your answer.

By the way, none of the options are bad.
You should do most of them.

But only one is foundational.

Only one transforms you
at a heart and soul level.

Only one gives you life so you
can then write words of life.

May you choose well.

We need more writers whose faces glow from having spent intimate time with God in the creative process before they start writing about or for him. 

Allen Arnold loves the epic adventure God has set before him. From the mountains of Colorado, he leads Content & Resources for Ransomed Heart Ministries (led by John Eldredge). Before that, he spent 20 years in Christian Publishing - overseeing  the development of more than 500 novels as founder and Publisher of Thomas Nelson Fiction. He was awarded the ACFW Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012. But that doesn't really describe the man. Allen savors time with his family, craves the beach, drinks salsa by the glass, is hooked on the TV series "Once Upon a Time" and is passionate about helping storytellers write from an awakened heart.


  1. Apart from Him, we can do nothing. Nothing that truly and ultimately matters anyway.

  2. Of late, I've been focusing more on item D, when I need to remember item G. When we write with God, all the others fall into place.

  3. Oh, AMEN!!! You nailed it, Allen, as always!!

  4. Oh how I loved this! Thank you for sharing where our focus must remain. :)


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