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Sunday, October 05, 2014

The Patchwork Christ

A Guest Post from Murray Pura

Let's talk a bit about regrets - we all have them (except Frank Sinatra, though he may be singing a different tune now) - the way I see it, none of our lives are woven seamlessly, even though for a time they may seem so or others lives may seem so - they are a patchwork quilt - holding that image in my head helps tremendously because, as you know, such quilts are composed of different fabrics and colors and various patterns yet the result is a work of great beauty, often preferred to a seamless counterpane of one fabric and one color.

Once you have that in your mind all the bits and pieces of your life come together in Christ - all the rags that seem ill-fitting, all the fragments that seem connected to nothing of worth or of long-lasting value, all the scraps that don't fit - they all come together in the heartblood of Jesus and create a quilt of unique beauty and lasting value, heirloom quality - so put all those life fragments in Christ's hands and let him make the covering - you carry on and let him worry about how all the different colors and scraps and fabrics will fit, even the long whole pieces of cloth of better seasons that must come alongside the torn bits of bitter seasons - nothing is wasted, nothing is lost - he will bring the pattern out of it all so that even the angels will marvel and future generations will see how the good and bad, the hard and soft, the peace and the pain came together in the grace of Christ.

All this to say, it's never too late to do what you love - I wanted to be known as a novelist in my 20s and 30s - here it begins to happen in my 50s - I wanted to do the English university thing and do some teaching and lecturing - now it is happening - I wanted to write theology and be published and have a readership - lo! - so the quilt takes on new hues and designs - go to the path you did not take long ago and take it now - once you begin, brambles will part, thorns fall aside (though some may tear at your cloak), forests open like a blessing, and all the new bits will fit perfectly into the patchwork quilt Christ has been stitching together before the beginning of time - do not leave this world without having tried to do all that you love and especially what you love the most - is not that burning in your heart Christ's burning in your heart? Seek him in prayer and follow his leading and overcome your fear - seek a new life and direction with the love and faith he gives you. Nothing is impossible with God. 


Murray Pura was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. His first work of fiction was published in Teen Power when he was 16. Canadian publications include the novels Mizzly Fitch, Zo, and The White Birds of Morning as well as the short story collections Mister Good Morning and The Poets of Windhover Marsh. In the United States two books of popular theology have been published by Zondervan. His works of fiction include Whispers of a New Dawn, The Face of Heaven and The Wings of Morning, published by Harvest House. Other titles have been released by Barbour Publishing. Murray has been a finalist for The Dartmouth Book Award, The John Spencer Hill Literary Award, The Kobzar Literary Award, and The Paraclete Fiction Award. A Baptist pastor for 28 years, Murray currently writes full-time. He makes his home in southwestern Alberta. To learn more about Murray visit his Website

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