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Sunday, November 09, 2014

December 8 is The Day of Decision

The 2014 edition of Novel Rocket’s Launch Pad Contest: Launching You Out of the Slush Pile is nearing a close. The Final Round judges are reviewing the finalists, and their decision will be announced on December 8.

These are the final five entries -

Suspense/Crime/Mystery/Thriller: Fatal  Assignment by Loretta Eidson  

General Fiction: Kept by Sally Bradley

Middle Grade/Young Adult: Mardan’s Mark by Kathrese McKee 

Speculative Fiction: My Soul to Keep by Melissa Solis

Make sure to come back on December 8 to find out who will take home this year’s crystal rocket trophy!

            Yvonne Anderson writes fiction that takes you out of this world. The Last Toqeph
            the final five-star flight through the  Gateway to Gannah,  is boarding now.  Make 
            sure to book your seat! 


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