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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Just a Fun Video (That's full of truth)

by James L. Rubart

For all those friends we have that are ready to write the Great American Novel ... and have no clue about this tiny little thing called reality. 

Have you ever had these kind of talks? Tell us!

James L. Rubart is the best-selling and Christy award winning author of six novels. He’s also a professional speaker, and marketer who helps businesses and authors make more coin of the realm. In his free time he dirt bikes, hikes, golfs, takes photos, and occasionally does sleight of hand. No, he doesn’t sleep much. He lives with his amazing wife and two sons in the Pacific Northwest and still thinks he’s young enough to water ski like a madman. More at


  1. I think we've met that guy, haven't we? LOL

  2. This is hilarious. I think it's about me. You have to be a little nuts to try, right?


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