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Sunday, December 07, 2014

Launch Pad Contest -- We Have a Winner!

December is a big month. My birthday, my husband's birthday, my youngest granddaughter's birthday, Christmas and all that such a mega-event involves, year-end accounting matters, etc. Did I mention that my birthday is in December too?

Another exciting thing that happens in December: we here on Novel Rocket announce the Grand Prize Winner of our year-long LAUNCH PAD Contest: Boosting You Out of the Slush Pile.

To refresh your memories, here's how it works. We conducted six mini-contests throughout the year, choosing a winner from each of the six major novel genres (Suspense/Crime/Mystery/Thriller -- General Fiction -- Middle Grade/Young Adult -- Historical Fiction -- Contemporary Romance -- Speculative Fiction). The winner of each of these genre divisions moved into the Grand Prize round.

The Grand Prize Winner receives a one-of-a-kind blown glass rocket trophy similar to the one pictured, which will be inscribed with the winner's name. (The one shown on the left was the award we gave our 2012 winner. If you look closely, you can see the inscription.) Moreover, members of the Novel Rocket staff will work to match up the winner with an agent or other publishing professional to help further his or her writing career.

One thing that sets the 2014 winner apart from previous Grand Prize entries is the fact that this one is self-published. We've had quite a number of self-published entries in the past; that's not new, and it's in accordance with the rules. Seldom, however, have we received one that's so skillfully written, and never have we received one that so impressed every judge who read it.

That's why we're excited to announce the 2014 Grand Prize Winner of our LAUNCH PAD Contest: Boosting You Out of the Slush Pile. Please join us in giving a hearty congratulations to


for her truly remarkable Contemporary Fiction entry, Kept.

Novel Rocket will be in touch with Sally directly to arrange for delivery of her prize. 

In the meantime, if you'd like to read more of this novel (we published the first chapter here), you can hop over to Amazon and purchase the whole book in either print or e-book version. (It might make a nice gift for the readers on your list. Or... for someone you know with a birthday this month...)

When she's not overseeing the Launch Pad Contest, Yvonne Anderson writes fiction that takes you out of this world.  

Choose your itinerary from among these exciting voyages: Book #1, The Story in the Stars (ACFW Carol Award Finalist, 2012); Book #2, Words in the Wind; Book #3, Ransom in the Rock; Book #4, The Last Toqeph.


  1. Congratulations, Sally!!

    I got the opportunity to read Sally's book before she published it and I endorsed it. It's wonderfully written and has a story that will grip your heart!

  2. I love this story!!! And I'm thrilled that an indie book has won!!!!! Sally is a long-time friend, but even if I never met her, I would love this story. It truly is one that grips your heart with real-life issues, characters that are real, and exquisite writing. Congrats Sally!

  3. WHOO for Sally! This book is excellent and has already touched SO many readers. Very well-deserved win!!!

  4. Congratulations Sally! So well deserved!

  5. Not a shocker!!! Great book. Great writer. So glad her work is finally available for all to read!

  6. So I'm late to the party this morning, but wow! Thank you, Novel Rocket and judges. And thank you, everyone else here! Love that Dillan and Miska might find new readers because of this. :D

  7. Excellent choice! Congratulations Sally for writing a novel that is not only incredibly well written, but contains a message that resonates long after the book ends. Can't wait to read more!

  8. Ha, Gina! Being on fire feels good, I guess. :D

    Thank you all again. I appreciate all the kind words.

  9. Congrats, Sally! Sounds interesting.

  10. Way to go, Sally! I'm so pleased for you. Congratulations!


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