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Monday, February 23, 2015

Top 10 Ways to Tick Off a Writer

by Ane Mulligan @AneMulligan

Writers are strange and have lots of weird quirks and habits about writing. You should be careful around writers. If you tick-off one, you might end up in their a dead body. So I offer the 10 top things for you to avoid:

1. Ask her if her book is ever going to be published.

2. Ask if she wishes she'd written the latest bestseller.

3. Say you're thinking of writing a book, if you had the time.

4. Say you have a great idea for a book and you want her to help you write it.

5. Interrupt a writer whenever you want. Getting into the zone can't be that hard.

6. Tell her writers are always looking for material and your life would make a great book.

7. Ask her to write your neighborhood's newsletter. After all, she doesn't have a real job.

8. Ask her how much money she makes.

9. When you go to lunch, always let her pay. After all, writers make a lot of money.

10. Offer your thoughts on the reason she got a rejection letter or a bad review.

What would you add to the list?

While a large, floppy straw hat is her favorite, bestselling novelist Ane Mulligan has worn many: hairdresser, legislative affairs director (that's a fancy name for a lobbyist), drama director, playwright, humor columnist, and novelist. Her lifetime experience provides a plethora of fodder for her Southern-fried fiction. She firmly believes coffee and chocolate are two of the four major food groups. President of the award-winning literary site, Novel Rocket, Ane resides in Suwanee, GA, with her artist husband, her chef son, and two dogs of Biblical proportion. You can find Ane on her Southern-fried FictionwebsiteGoogle+FacebookGoodreadsTwitter, and Pinterest.


  1. My friend, son, grandson, sister, husband is writing a novel. Would you look at it?

  2. Michael, once you've completed editing it, I'll add it to the pile. The pile that's gathering dust faster than tar gathers feathers.

  3. Ha ha, Ane! Thanks for the chuckle.

  4. I know you've had at least one of these tossed at you, Kelly. :-)


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