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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I Need A Clone

It’s a gray day on the creek, this Tuesday before the Wednesday I’m due to post brilliant words here. I don’t seem to have any on hand, although I have a plethora of excuses for an empty page.

The accountant just sent new information for my taxes. It’s the 12th: tax day approaches. I spent yesterday trying to record samples of Heavy Weather to send to a potential narrator, whose initial samples sound like Alabama instead of North Carolina coastal. I may end up doing the audiobook myself, but that would take weeks, and do I want to spend my time creating an audiobook instead of hiring an expert? And then there’s my next Carolina Coast novel, stalled at chapter ten.

Well, not really stalled. I know where I’m going with it, but I haven’t had time away from busyness to stick there. Because, of course, I also have to market the other books.

And with the announcement that Heavy Weather is a finalist in an RWA contest, I have momentum there, don’t I? Especially as I've neglected everything during my grandmothering stint over the last weeks.

I need a clone of me. You know, someone who could tackle the tasks I hate. Remember Michael Keaton in Multiplicity? (A very funny movie.)

Well, here's a me-clone. Sort of. (The program gave no options for wrinkles or hair that actually looks like mine, but, hey, who cares? She's cute. I'd hire her.)

As you see, if I cloned me, I'd make myself a LOT younger. Think how efficient I'd be: the energy of youth, the mind uncluttered by the aging process.

Oh, yeah.

What about you? Which tasks would you assign a clone? The cooking, cleaning, and shopping? Marketing your work? Doing research?

What jobs do you love? Which do you hate?


  1. what would i assign a clone? the dishes, the laundry, the drudge! let me have my research, i love it!

  2. Good for you, Robin. I love research, too, but I need someone who'd do the marketing--and the housework!

  3. I'd have my clone do all things kitchen related....leaving me plenty of time for other things, like reading and crafting.

  4. Vacuuming! I'm convinced the most beautiful sound in the world is the hum of the vacuum running in the other room. And all things marketing. And sometimes, writing. :)


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