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Sunday, July 17, 2016

When God Says Go by Marcia Lee Laycock

I had to prepare for a speaking engagement lately that made me a little nervous. I was asked to speak to a gathering of over a hundred Christian motorcyclists. I hesitated, until God made it clear that he wanted me to accept the invitation and let me know what it was I was to say. But I was still nervous. The only bike I’ve ever been on was a mini trail bike when I was about eight years old. That’s not much for “street cred.”

But then I thought about the message God had given me and realized how perfect it was. And I remembered what Jesus said to Moses in Exodus 4:12 – “Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say.” Was it arrogant to expect He would do the same for me? I remembered too what happened when Moses asked Him to send someone else. God was angry.

So I studied the scripture passage, and did what I was told.

It never ceases to amaze me when God shows up. That’s what the message was about and He demonstrated it that morning.

I’ve had a number of writing projects on the go too. I’ve been using these precious days of summer to tie up some loose ends. One especially I almost let die. It’s a fantasy series that was almost published twice by reputable publishing houses but each time the deals fell through. Then a publisher asked to see it. He liked the idea so a contract for the first book came quickly. There were a couple of things I didn’t like about his process, but sent him the second book. He liked it too and sent another contract. Things began to go awry at that point and to make a long story short I ended up on the wrong end of the stick and the second book never did make it to print. That’s when I almost let it die.

But I received an email from the mom of a boy who had read the first book. He was wondering about book two. Then someone else asked about it. I took that as an indication that God was saying “Go.” So I pulled out those files and went to work, did some editing on book one and refreshed my memory about Createspace. Book two is almost ready to go and I have the cover ready for book three. It’s been fun. I’ve enjoyed renewing my acquaintance with the characters and playing with some of the plot line. Finding just the right images for the covers was also exciting.

I have no idea what God intends with these little books, but I know He has said, “Go,” and go I will. I’m pretty sure He’s going to show up and demonstrate His sovereignty once again, even when it concerns a fantasy series that almost died.

He’s like that. And when He says “Go,” it’s best not to argue.

Marcia Lee Laycock writes from central Alberta Canada where she is a pastor's wife and mother of three adult daughters. She was the winner of The Best New Canadian Christian Author Award for her novel, One Smooth Stone. The sequel, A Tumbled Stone was short listed in The Word Awards. Marcia also has two devotional books in print and has contributed to several anthologies. Her work has been endorsed by Sigmund Brouwer, Janette Oke, Phil Callaway and Mark Buchanan. 

 Abundant Rain, an ebook devotional for writers can be downloaded on Smashwords or on Amazon. It is also now available in Journal format on Amazon. 

Her most recent release is a devotional book for travelers: A Traveler's Advisory

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1 comment:

  1. So true. And even if you think you aren't ready, He knows that you are and will help you succeed. Great post. Thanks for sharing.


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