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We have had so many requests from folks looking to find a critique group or partner, that we've added this page.

What is a critique partner? It's someone who reads your work, lets you know what's right with it and what could be better in exchange for you doing the same for them.

It is, in our humble opinion, one of the best things you can do to improve your writing!

If you are looking for a partner or group, please leave a comment explaining your situation and what you think your skill level is and your preference for online vs in person and anything other information someone might need to decide if you're right for them and contact you.

From time to time, we'll clean out the comments section so it doesn't get too bogged down.

We hope this service is helpful to you!


Lesa Smith said...

I would be happy to partner with someone or in a group. I write mostly speculative fiction - short stories, mainly. I would prefer mainly online correspondence. Thanks so much for starting this great program!

Melodie said...

I would love to have someone who doesn't know me to read my work and give me a true opinion. I have one book coming out in December and am having a really hard time with getting my second from my head onto the paper.
I would like someone I could meet in person but on line would be ok, too.
Melodie Rakes

Ron Estrada said...

I'd like a partner who writes at a slow pace like me (you know, someone else who over-extends themselves). I write thrillers and mysteries. I'd prefer someone in the same genre. I've been writing for about ten years and would say I'm ready to be promoted to "senior" in my career.
Ron Estrada

Melissa Hart said...

I'd love to find a critique partner who writes fast-paced, emotionally-charged yet plot-driven technothrillers/supernatural fiction with Christian elements. I've been seriously writing novel-length manuscripts for about a decade and would love to find a like-minded, merciless critique partner. I have had one novel published by a small publisher in 2005 entitled, The Redemption of Reverend Caine, but I am leaning toward a more speculative genre with my current work. I think it was 2005, but I'm bad with time. Good thing some say time doesn't really exist :) I've never had a critique partner, so I'm very excited about the possibility of finding one who gets me and my writing. I prefer online exchanges.
Melissa Hart

Leah Morgan said...


A married contemporary-fiction writing female is looking for a rough time. Any gender or marital status is fine, but a shared genre is preferred.

Leah C. Morgan

Rajdeep "call me Raj" Paulus said...

Hi. I'm looking for a Y.A. Fiction Crit Group. I'm female (sometimes the name throws people off) and am open to either gender, but prefer a shared genre. thanks.

Raj Paulus

Jenna V said...

aspiring writer of contemporary inspirational romantic suspense series seeks crit partner who is talented at picking apart AND saying well done when necessary. jenna (at)

Tim George said...

I have one suspense novel making the rounds of the CBA. My agent almost had a home for it a few months back until the publisher decided to only take Historical Romance for now. Been writing fiction for six years, reviewed hundreds of novels, maintain an active blog, and write for Fiction Addict. I am leaning toward magical realism in my next novel so I need to partner with someone dedicated to suspense with a mystical flavor.

Tim George

Deborah M said...

I write cozy mysteries and I've just had my debut novel "Death in Dahlonega" published. I'm working on my second and third on. I feel like I"m a sophomore/junior. I still have a lot of learning to go. When I finish my cozy line I think I would like to try romantic suspense. Not sure yet. It would be great if you could find someone close, but on-line is fine. I live in North GA.
Debbie Malone
debbiejeanm at gmail dot com

CLH said...

I need a partner who will keep me writing, who won't tell me what I want to hear, who won't necessarily make me cry but won't necessarily care if they do. I'd like a partner who has published contemporary Christian fiction, who can not only give an opinion but has also fought the fight themselves. In person or online is fine, although I'd think God had some really interesting plans for me if I get a response from anyone near Alamogordo, NM. So... if you're interested:

Anonymous said...

I'm nearly finished with my first novel, a contemporary romantic suspense, and will start editing soon. I write and teach nonfiction writing professionally, so the novel length work is a challenge for me. Previously, I've had one novella (historical romance) published, but that was a long time ago. My other unfinished manuscript starts are all historical romance, so this current wip is an experiment for me. I need a partner who will be honest without being brutal and who can communicate via e-mail. I live in Tennessee.

Zoe said...

I've studied journalism, but I much prefer fiction. My goal is literary fiction. I love writing by Marilynne Robinson, and my favourite authors are also Toni Morrison and Alice Walker. Being fresh is one of my greatest goals. I have written some short stories, about to plunge into a novel, and I need some new eyes to comment give 'deep feedback'... :)

It would have to be online since I'm from South Africa. said...

Dear friend,

I only just found your post. I figure you may have found someone to pair up with by now, but if you haven't, I'd love to chat. Contact me at, please? Thanks! Happy writing!

Peter Johnstone said...

anybody fancy casting a critical eye over a science fiction novel

in return i'll be tough but fair and honest

d. w. fry said...

Greetings Fictioneers,

MWM (motivated writing male) seeks SVCP (shared vision critique partner). That is, someone who writes/likes the genre I sleep in, AND is bold enough to challenge me to keep writing and NOT tell me what I want to hear but give it to me straight up. While I would prefer someone who's already published at some level, that is not a show-stopper. I DO ask that you be serious about the craft and I will happily return the favor.

I'm working on 2 wips at once because if I get blocked with one, I jump tracks and go with the other. My genre? I'm going to label it "thin places suspense". The "thin places" encompasses elements of the supernatural and yes, speculative threads. (and some romantic suspense elements will be present in at least one of the stories)

When I think of "thin places" in the CBA - authors such as Erin Healy, Tosca Lee, Bill Myers, Frank Perretti, Robin Parrish, Jim Rubart, and of course my ABA hero, Dean Koontz, come to mind. I don't do fantasy (nor can I critique it well) because my mind is too puny to build a story world of such magnitude and I daresay that if I did - I would likely get lost in it. :-)

My biggest concern is quite simply this. Does the story work? All the grammar and spelling magic in the world will not help me if my story is DOA. Thus, I am NOT looking for a grammar Nazi. :-) I want a story maven to push me to make the words sing. I want to make it such that you are compelled to keep turning the pages. THAT is what I long for ... that you get me and my writing, and certainly likewise.

I welcome online exchanges and look forward to engaging in a productive crit swap, especially over the summer months.

So yes, I'm looking for e-crit harmony.

We could exchange a few pages to begin and see if there's a spark and go from there if you like.

I look forward to hearing from a prospective crit match.

david w. fry
frydwords at gmail dot com

Loraine said...

Hi Raj,
I am currently getting a novel edited (by a friend who is an editor) and would love to have some Christian eyes for my science fiction for 9-12. (Think Avatar with a Christian spin). I've written for about 20 years, have entered contests and won about 4, have won 3 mentorship workshops, and absolutely love writing for kids. Would you be interested in sharing some work to critique?

Jalyn Ely said...
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Morgan Denlow said...

I'm looking for a YA critique partner. I've nearly finished the entire novel, but I would be happy with a critique on simply the first several pages. I prefer mainly online contact.

If you're interested:

Katie Addington said...

I just graduated from college with a degree in English, concentration in writing. I would love the opportunity to be a critique partner for an author of contemporary Christian fiction. I swipe my library card like some people swipe credit cards at the mall. If anyone is interested, my email is

Katie Addington said...

I would love to be a critique partner for authors writing contemporary Christian fiction. I just finished my degree in English with a concentration in writing, and cannot get enough of books. If you're interested in sending your work to me, please message me I have no preference for print or email.

Rufus said...

Hi there!

I hope a dog lover will be willing to read my story, "Stockholm Syndrome." I wrote it for dog lovers and those who frequent dog parks. I'm working on a novel, so any comments will be greatly appreciated.

Jenna C. said...

I'm writing a story and I really would like someone experienced to read it. I'm an aspiring teen writer, and I really would like this story to get published... :) my email is

Francesca said...

Hi Lesa,

have a look at my website:
If you like what you find, send me an email through the contact form there, and I'll be happy to read your stories:-)

Francesca said...

Just a note: I am not a Christian author.

Tina said...

Hello Anonymous,
I live in Tennessee also! I write Inspirational Historical Romance. I have a wonderful agent and the book I am working on is the first of three in a series. I read ALL genres, not just Christian "Inspirational" of my "Non" Christian writers is Bertrice Small. I got hooked on her book titled Skye O'Mally, and I have been reading her ever since. I want to find a partner that will work with me on a long term basis. I want to get to know them and their writing and vice versa. I want to be told like it is, no cushy padding, and I will do the same. I do think it is important to tell you what you are doing right and what you need to work on. I have had two previous crit partners, but as soon as their books were published they were to busy for me. I no longer work outside of home due to health issues that forced me to stop working and allowed me to then concentrate on improving my craft. I hope to hear from you soon. You can reach me at .....Just put CRIT PARTNER in the subject line. Thanks Tina Roberts

Jessie Johnson said...

I have had a few short stories published in E-zines that cater to the Horror genre. I am currently working on a novel of the Thriller genre and would like to find someone that is willing to go along for the ride and critique my chapters. Right now they are in the first rough draft and I have the first three chapters ready. I also work a full time job so I write when I can. I have been diligently putting in atleast a couple hours a day after work on my writing. If you are interested in this then give me a holler at

Melissa said...

I don't see any dates on these posts, just times. Is there a way to see the dates so we know how old they are?

Carol McClain said...

Leah, Have you found anyone yet? I write contemporary and am looking for someone who has a handle on writing, is not a novice and is dead serious with it. Is that you?

Carol McClain said...

Christa--I'm not published in the novel genre, but am in magazine articles. I'm looking for an honest crit partner who knows her/his stuff. I need someone very serious about the craft.
I, too, write contemporary.

Stephen Reamy said...

Hello, all.

I am an aspiring writer of suspense/thriller stories that convey a Christian theme throughout. I am always looking to improve and am looking for someone who will give me a fair and honest critique. I have available for your review a book I drafted while deployed to Afghanistan. I am currently trimming off a little excess and completely re-writing a couple sections. This process will take me a couple more weeks, but for the most part the manuscript is ready for some critique. My critique partner need not be a Christian writer, though it is preferred.

I am willing to return the favor for any aspiring writer of any genre, though I am probably not your best bet if you are writing fantasy or science fiction. I'll work with writers of all types, at any level of development. While I am not a published author (yet), I think I can offer some solid insights into your work and am happy to help wherever I can to help you. My qualifications include but are not limited to:

-BA in Political Science from the University of Colorado (Boulder, CO)
-MS in Management from the Naval Postgraduate School (Monterey CA)
-Several years of experience drafting official military correspondence, including legal documents/investigations, military awards, and policy letters.

My biggest goal with this critique is to get a feel for my audience. Right now I envision my target audience to be mature teens and adults through their 40s. I am hoping that a couple reviews from a teen and an adult can confirm or deny this, and help me refine my target audience expectations if that is what the feedback suggests.

Full disclosure: I am a married male in my early 30s. Communicating via email is most likely, however if you live in the Northern Virginia area and would like to meet in person, this can be arranged under the right circumstances. Please reply or email if you would like to know more about me or my project.


Carol McClain said...

I'm looking for a critique partner who is serious about writing but not a beginner. I write contemporary fiction and have been published in non-fiction. I taught high school English for thirty years and need someone to challenge me and whom I can challenge.

Horton Prather said...

Ron, I've seen your name on the suspense loop. I'm working on my first novel--presently fixing the second draft. I've been entering contests to get feedback and critique, and that has worked fairly well. From what I've heard, critique partners work better. I'm interested. How about you?

Jean Ann Williams said...

I'd be interested in someone who writes memoir for an online critique. contact me at jeanann_w (at) yahoo (dot) com.

ESH Media Group said...

Leah you are always cheery. I remember you from our book signing in Hagerstown. I need a partner as well.

Diane Samson said...

I didn't know there were these sort of venues out there. So here I am!

I would very much like to have at least one critique partner and maybe 2 if it's possible. I am presently focusing on my blog and building connections. I would like to write my story and learn while I am doing it. My focus is nonfiction. I am serious in my writing but feel I need nudge now and then. Having a someone critique my work and I theirs, will be a great motivation.

Any help is appreciated. I live in North Idaho in Coeur d'Alene and close to
Spokane, WA. and my website is Thanks!

Bruce Judisch said...

Looking for fresh eyes on a completed mystery-romance manuscript (~80K). I have four novels in print through a small publisher--historical and contemporary/historical hybrids--but this is my first attempt at this genre. Candid, but positively approached, constructive criticism preferred (if you appreciate Pope's "An Essay On Criticism," you're ideal). Please see my website at for further insight on my work.

Anonymous said...

I am seventeen- living in South America and the only writer I know. :)
Any other teen girls interested in critique partner-ing on Christian fantasy for teen girls? I'd love to hear from you!

Terri Tiffany said...

I'm not sure when these posts are dated,but today is 1/11/15 and I'm searching for a critique partner who reads contemporary inspirational WF. I have been published in non-fiction and have a novel coming out next month by a traditional publisher. Please email me at if interested.

Terri Tiffany said...

Not sure if you are still looking, but I write WF and am looking for a critique partner as well. I write contemporary fiction and have been published in non-fiction and soon fiction.

Francine Zane said...

I am looking for a new partner. My last partner is sidetracked. I was with her off and on for about 12 years. I have two projects going. One is speculative fiction. The second is humor. I like the back and forth of scheduled exchange of chapters. It keeps me moving forward. Email me at francinezane @ or visit

Royslyn Vickie Telemacque said...

Hi Everyone,

I Love reading and writing, been writing poems, but never a book, this is my first time at a novel. So far i am quite far in my story but need to run it or bounce it off with a few readers & get some feed-backs, and critiques to know what the story sounds like to them.

I would greatly appreciate honest, encouraging, motivating critiques, reviews & CP's who will help me develop and sharpen my writing skills as a writer. Let's trade, I promise to be as honest & encouraging as i would expect you to be. If you're interested you can send me a message via email.

Looking forward to creating & forging long lasting CP friendships.

Anonymous said...

I am writing a crime fiction novel. Currently at 30k words. I am looking for someone as critique partner. Ideally I would like someone who loves crime fiction and maybe has an understanding (doesn't have to be professional) of US law enforcement. I am based in Ireland and my novel is based in Texas.

Nancy Ann Rose said...

I'm looking for a critique partner or small group of romance writers to exchange works. I write mostly contemporary romance although I have branched off into other areas of fiction including science fiction and contemporary women's fiction. My current wip is a contemporary romance still in its early stages.

I've been writing for ten years, have four completed manuscripts as well as a number of other projects in the works. I also have several years of experience critiquing and consider myself a fair but thorough critter. I give honest and encouraging feedback and expect the same in return. I'm not looking for praise and flattery or for a CP to say they love my work and little else. I'm a serious writer and a serious critiquer. I would like a CP to keep me focused and on track.

I'm willing to critique in any genre except poetry and non-fiction, although I would prefer a shared genre.

If you're interested in a trial run, please contact me via my website and include some info about yourself and your writing.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Nancy Ann Rose

Anonymous said...


My names Joe and I am currently writing my third draft for an Urban Fantasy novel that could be considered as YA, yet also in places is quite dark. I'd like the first chapter critiqued, and would do the same for anyone else of the same or a similar genre. I'm a postgraduate student studying a Masters degree in the UK.

please contact me at: or leave a reply and i'll contact you!

thank you for your time,


Briana said...

Hello everyone. My name is Briana and I'm eighteen years old (I'm still a high school senior). I've only been published in the Young American Poetry Digest for two haikus in 2011 and 2012, and published a few things in my school literary magazine. I'm aspiring to publish my own novel: "Running Red Lights". It's like a memoir, or an autobiographical note told from my own perspective in first person. I've mostly written this for therapeutic reasons, and a gut feeling that wouldn't go away. I'm not quite sure how to explain it, since I just finished writing it based on a gut feeling, but here goes: this is my own story, from my young elementary years to about today. The story is about 21,000 words.

It contains things about depression, suicidal thoughts, rape, anxiety, and other strong material.

Contact me at:

Anonymous said...

I am 70 years old, and I need some partners to cirque a romance novel and a memoir. Be glad to critique yours, too.