Launch Pad Contest

Novel Rocket’s Launch Pad Contest: 
Boosting You Out of the Slush Pile

We would like to thank all who participated in our contest over the past five years. 

Sadly, however, there will be no 2015 edition of the Launch Pad Contest.

If you'd like to see this event make a return, be sure to let us know. The Gmail account is still open, so please share your thoughts and suggestions by emailing Yvonne Anderson at NovelRocketContest at gmail dot com.

Meanwhile, let's reminisce a bit. Here is a list of all the past Grand Prize Winners along with links to their winning first chapters. (And other links, too.)

Sally Apokedak was our first-ever winner in 2010 with her Young Adult novel, The Button Girl

Today, Sally conducts writing workshops and is a literary agent working with Les Stobbe.

In 2011, Moriah McStay Lee took the Grand Prize. Hers, too, was a Young Adult story, The Corner of Hope and Fear.

Moriah's first published novel, Everything That Makes You, is scheduled for release in March of 2015.

2012 was the first year we charged an entry fee. As a result, it was the first year we were able to offer a trophy. Our winner that year, and the first to receive the coveted* blown glass rocket, was Rachelle Harp, who won with her Speculative Fiction novel, The Breakout.

This story also won the Children’s/Young Adult category at the San Francisco Writers Conference contest in 2013. Check out more of her Stellar writing on her website.
*I'm not sure how coveted it actually is, but some of us on the Novel Rocket staff would love to have one on our shelf!

Kerry Ann Morgan was our 2013 Grand Prize winner with her Contemporary Fiction novel, The Last Resort.

She's still busy writing. Check out her fun blog!

Sally Bradley took the honors in 2014 with her Contemporary Fiction novel, Kept.  The book is self-published and has earned an impressive collection of five-star ratings. 

In addition to writing top-notch fiction, Sally offers writing and editing services – see her website.