It Only Takes A Spark. . . Or Does It?

by Rachel Hauck, @RachelHauck 

Ideas come and go. I’ve learned over the years the initial spark is just that, a spark, not a roaring fire that will burn long enough to write an entire book.

Let me give an example. When I  first started writing what turned out to be Lost In NashVegas (now Nashville Dreams), I came up with a story of a country girl who owned a fishing shack in central Florida.

Why Writing Fiction Is So Hard

by James L. Rubart, @jameslrubart

Why is writing fiction so hard? The short answer: it just is.

The longer answer: Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble.”He probably could have said, “In this world, when you try to write a novel, you will have trouble.”

From my experience, this has proven to be true. I sent in my latest manuscript to my publisher a few days ago and felt like I’d just finished a marathon.

Don’t Head to a Writers Conference Without Packing These

by Pamela S. Meyers, @pamelameyers

Recently, my social media blew up with chatter about a new television movie. Set at a writers conference, the movie was great fun to watch, especially as the heroine, who was attending her first writers conference, had to overcome her fear of showing her first novel manuscript to anyone, especially complete strangers.

I was reminded how scary and unsettling a writers conference can be for a first-time conferee.

What if your word for the year is something you don’t like?‎

by David Rawlings, @DavidJRawlings

Everyone seems to be doing a “word for the year.”

Last year I decided to do it too. Being the thinking overachiever that I am, I decided that my word for 2017 would be Published.

It felt right. This was my goal, and it made sense that I would have a word that would lead me there.