5 Tips to Polish Your Manuscript

by Michelle Griep, @MichelleGriep

Most folks around here—the frozen tundra of Minneapolis—currently are hibernating because of the cold. I don’t blame them. It’s warmer in Siberia than here. Not even exaggerating (this time).

But I’m not hunkered down because of a nippy windchill. Currently I’m squirreled away because I’m in the middle of edits. It’s the ol’ pedal to the grindstone, nose to the metal time . . .

How Christian is Your Fiction: Part 2


by Dan Walsh, @DanWalshAuthor

In my column last month, we talked about “How much Christian should you put in your Christian fiction novel?” I brought up the idea that there are 2 different approaches to this. Really, 2 different kind of Christian Fiction books: Message Novels and Worldview Novels. To read more on this, Click Here (PUT A LINK TO LAST MONTH’S ARTICLE).

5 Tips for Juggling Writing and Life

by Lisa Jordan, @lisajordan

In the middle of writing a heated conversation between my current hero and heroine, I realized my Novel Rocket blog post was due…several days ago.


I hate being a ball-dropper because it feeds my inner critic who demotes my self-worth. Plus, not following through with something creates timeline changes for someone else.

But when I’m on deadline,

5 Ways to Help Other Authors

help-other-authorsby Beth K. Vogt, @bethvogt

Let’s talk about other authors for a moment, shall we?

We like to say “It’s who you know” that helps you succeed as a writer – and there’s truth to that statement. But I also believe kindness begets kindness. The actual quote is “Kindness begets kindness evermore.”(Sophocles (496 BC- 406 BC), writer of ancient Greek tragedies)

But I digress.