Someone Else’s Success Does Not Ensure Your Failure

by Rachel Hauck, @RachelHauck 

Someone else’s success does not ensure your failure.

Unless, of course, you’re facing Jason Bourne.

Then you’re a goner.

But most of us feel like

if someone else “wins” they are better than we are.  Or, that they now have the spotlight and everyone will forget about us.
Entering a contest can rock your world or break your hopes.

How To Be a More Productive and Successful Author

by Victoria Greene, @vickyecommerce

You’ve made up your mind; the ideas are there and so is the drive, but just how difficult is it to become a successful author? After all, so many people set their hearts on writing a book, yet only a fraction of those who begin ever make it to the end. The problem is, writing is all too easily put aside for other things,

Complicating Success

by Allen Arnold, @TheStoryofWith

How do you define success as an author?

Perhaps you base it on whether you regularly hit your daily word count. Or maybe success is when the publisher you’ve longed to partner with finally signs your new series. If you’re already published, then success might be hitting a bestseller list or exponentially growing your readership.

All of the above seem like logical ways to measure success.