I’ve Gotta Be Me, She Said

by Dan Walsh, @DanWalshAuthor

Believe it or not, my column this month is about the Characters in our novels. In short, the idea of making them seem and even feel like real people to our readers. This is a major priority for me. I think with good reason.

Last month, I quoted one of my favorite writing quotes: “The secret to great fiction writing is to create characters readers care about,

I Said IPPY, Not Hippie, So Don’t Freak Out, Man

A writer confidently storms the doors of the publishing houses, knowing his work will make the editors gasp in awe–only to discover those cretins wouldn’t know great writing if it descended from heaven on chiseled stone tablets and crushed their unappreciative little skulls.

Of course I’ve never felt that way, but it’s rumored that some have held that opinion.

Regardless of our response to rejection, the editor’s decision is rendered for practical reasons.